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BBNaijaReunion: Detailed reason Beatrice confronted, slapped Maria at Reunion show (video)

• Beatrice couldn’t endure the embarrassing manner Maria described her game in the House, and Maria in turn, couldn’t let it go after Beatrice said she was controlling and somewhat bossy.

Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye Reunion almost draws to the near-end as ex-housemates and the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu still reflect on the issues and highlights from the 2021 edition of the reality TV show.


On Thursday night, June 16, which happens to be the Day 11, (episode 11) of the Reunion, Ebuka introduced topic of the night as “Confrontations, Fights and Drama and all that happened in the season”.

Starting off, a clip was .ed, which showed the moment during the Shine Ya Eye show, that Beatrice and Housemates had squabble which was probably as a result of misunderstanding emanating from Beatrice pranking the Housemates that she was one of the wildcards amongst them.


Ebuka said, “So, it’s interesting because you (Maria) said you were misunderstood, because Beatrice also said the same thing a lot when she came out of the House. And a lot of the time, it looked like it was almost the entire House up against the two. I know the wildcard drama .ed a role into that, because almost everyone thought she (Beatrice) was the one. (Ebuka pointed at Arin and laughed) and added, “Investigator, investigator”.

Turning to Yerins, Ebuka asked, “Yerins did you see the same thing. Were you ever a suspect, you were a suspect as well right”? Did you see that in Beatrice?


Yerins responded, “When I got to know about Beatrice. I think t. was the time she told her story about her life and all that. And for me, I think t. was some kind of trauma she kind of went through growing up”. Ebuka asked, “So you knew that”? Yerins said, “Yes, I knew that and I couldn’t see pass that”.

And Yerins continued, “She .ed herself, and she was misunderstood, because she definitely shouldn’t have made people think that she was the wildcard”. And Ebuka cut in and asked, “Did you think she was doing that intentionally”? And Yerins replied, “100 percent”. And Ebuka came again, “Okay she thought she was .ing a prank or…”? Yerins answered, “Yeah, like and she enjoyed it”.


Yerins continued, “And that, I kept on getting closer, because I noticed that everybody has tried and everybody was like, you know…”

Ebuka immediately turns to Maria, and asked, “Maria same question to you. Do you think Beatrice did a lot of that for attention, what do you think…, or she was misunderstood”?


However, the altercation between Beatrice and Maria started when Maria, while answering her question said that Beatrice’s lifestyle in the House was confusing, adding that she thinks Beatrice didn’t know what she came to the Big Brother House for.

Maria answered, “Personally, I think when I tried to get close to her, like when I decide to like… or rather, I didn’t see her as being real in the House”. Ebuka interrupted, “You blocked her basically in your head”? And Maria answered, “Yeah. But also, I think she was also confused as to what and what she’s doing in the Big Brother’s House. Her personality seems confusing to me”.


And Ebuka interrupted again and asked, “How so”? And Maria continued, “To me, I don’t think she was serious. Like, she always be by herself. Not talking to anyone. When you walk up to her, she gets up and walks away. It’s weird like, it’s really weird. So, may be I think she didn’t understand herself yet or I don’t know what it was, but, I found her confusing.

Turning to Beatrice, Ebuka asked, “Is that a valid sort of explanation of your personality of you not knowing what you were doing t.?


On answering her own question, Beatrice ignited the fire by degrading Maria’s personality, saying that she’s very controlling, adding that Maria, on several occasions tried to control her by telling her to do her shoes and dress.

Beatrice replied to Ebuka, “The thing is, I didn’t like Maria. And I think I actually stopped her from talking to me because I don’t like people controlling my life. And she looks like someone that’s really controlling. Like, she would want you to come and do her shoes, she would want you to come and do her dress. I don’t like that.


“Why would she come and ask me to come and do her shoe”. Ebuka asked, “What do you mean do her shoes”? And Beatrice replied, “Like she wants to control me, to come and help her with her shoes or help her with something, and I don’t like things like that. You don’t control me.

“She was really controlling and I didn’t want her to control me. So, that fact is that I don’t like Maria. And genuinely, I don’t like her.


Now, explaining to Ebuka about herself, pranking her colleagues into thinking she was one of the wildcards, Beatrice said, “Then, the prank is, I like to prank people a lot. And my friends can tell that I love to prank people.

“So, I was just having fun. And I was just being myself, but it’s just that I did not have enough time to show myself. That’s it”.


After Beatrice presented her answer, Ebuka pressured further to understand and know when and how Maria controlled Beatrice in the Biggie’s House.

Ebuka retorted with the question, “For everybody it was a prank, but Maria you did not like her”? Beatrice answered, “I don’t”. And Ebuka said, “Why…, I want to understand what you mean by doing her shoes and her bags, sorry and her clothes”?


Beatrice responded, “I can remember a day that she was in the garden and she was able to bend down, and she was able to buckle her shoe, but she was like, ‘Eh Beatrice come and help me do my shoes’. What’s the meaning of that”?

At this point, Maria interrupted Beatrice and said, “Buckle my shoes? What shoes to buckle did I have? I never asked you for help”. Beatrice added, “The other day, we were in the dinning, and she said, Beatrice go and get me water from the fridge. Why”? And Maria replied, “We all help each other and I don’t recall doing that”.


As they talk back at each other, Maria said if not anything, she didn’t ever want to be friends anytime, with Beatrice. And Beatrice responding to Maria said she loves her personality and wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who sleeps with and snatches people’s husband.

Then, Maria responded her own saying that she has being with one man for many years, but Beatrice has slept with uncountable number of men. Immediately, Beatrice got angry and stood up to confront and slap Maria, as Pere blocked her, while Sammie, blocked Maria on her side.


While the altercation was going on, two persons from the Big Brother production team came out from production room and whisked Beatrice away, while Maria from her spot, continued to rain insult on her.

Later on, Beatrice was released and made to return back in the studio. But she and Maria vehemently continued with their altercation and exchange of words.


Beatrice said, “when I was back stage, I heard her say that if not for this, me and her wouldn’t be in the same space. Like, who the f**k is she”? And Maria interrupted, “I wouldn’t have being in the same space”. Beatrice responded, “Listen girl, aside your British accent, you’re not up to my full leg”. And Maria said, “That’s your opinion”. Beatrice continued, “Girl you’re not up to my straight full leg. You’re nothing. You’re senseless without your British accent”.

Maria went further at Beatrice, and said, “You can barely understand English in the House”. Beatrice replied, “While you were the rowdy one, you respond to everything, even the one that’s not your business. You open your mouth like a smelling foul”.


Apparently, Beatrice and Maria continued with the altercation, as they battle each other with insults and curses, while Ebuka and Housemates stood on their seats watching.

Watch full video below.

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