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BBNaijaReunion: Emmanuel denies ever being in love with Liquorose, as Liquorose reveals what he told her

Former Big Brother Naija lovebirds and reality television stars, Emmanuel and Liquorose have revisited the dynamics of their relationship as they get to the root of what happened behind closed doors.

It was on the last day, episode 12, of the Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye Reunion, and the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu tried to hear more from Emmanuel concerning his relationship with Liquorose.


Emmanuel stated clearly that t. was never a day he and Liquorose agreed that they were in love. And for a fact, Emmanuel believes they didn’t have any intimate connection at all.

But for Liquorose, their relationship was defined by Emmanuel, who made it clear that he was her boyfriend, and she was his girlfriend.


Emmanuel said, “First of all, I know for a fact that I never asked Rose out. We never agreed to the fact that we were dating, or I was her boyfriend, she was my girlfriend.

It didn’t exempt the notion that while Emmanuel and Liquorose were outside the Biggie’s House, they’ve been making it seem, before their supporters, EmmaRose shippers that they were in love. Hence, the urge for the fans to gifts them money and other things.


“And we talked about the whole Dubai situation w. she claimed that ‘oh you left your girlfriend outside’. For once, we never put a label to whatever we had”. And Liquorose cutting in, said, “It was defined”. And Ebuka asked, “Clearly”? And Liquorose said, “Yeah”.

And Emmanuel asked, “So, I asked you out”?. And Liquorose repeated, “You’re saying it like it was… Yes, it was defined”. Emmanuel exclaimed, “Oh my God”. And Liquorose added, “Yes, it was clearly defined”. Ebuka added, “That you were his girlfriend”? Emmanuel denied, “Unless I wasn’t the one in the relationship”.


Emmanuel continued, “Please, don’t sit down t. and lie against me. I’ve heard so many I’ve been keeping quiet. (Turning to Ebuka) Emmanuel said, “Sorry, it’s a lot for me to take right now”. Ebuka asked, “You’re saying you didn’t say that”? And Emmanuel answered, “No!”.

Liquorose said, “Allow me let me finish. I’m not begging for a man. I went to the House, I didn’t kill anybody, love happens for me. I can’t blame myself for that. God created me this way. I’m emotional like that. Do you understand?


“I’m not so stupid that if I’m getting a certain vibe I’ll stick by you. You gave me that vibe. We came out and still gave me that vibe. And don’t sit . and try to make me look stupid.

“Shame on you bro! You went on Instagram to block and unblock me to make it look like we unfollowed each other. That’s so childish Emmanuel. I don’t unfollow people. I never do and I don’t block people.


“You think blocking and unblocking me will make it look like we unfollowed each other? And unfollowed me on Twitter and TikTok? What was that? What will that do for me?”

“Ebuka retorted , “If I’m getting you. You said, even if the relationship was not defined, he gave you the impression that you’re together?” And Liquorose insisted, “It was defined”.


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