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BBNaijaReunion: ‘Tega told me what no Housemate knew about’ – Boma, on why he went intimate with her

Former Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye star, and ex-housemate, Boma Martins Akpore, has stated that more reason he went intimate with Tega in Biggie’s House was because she told him what no Housemate knew about, at the time.

Boma revealed during the Day 11 (episode 11) of the Shine Ya Eye Reunion, on Thursday night that Tega told him that she was no longer with her husband, and that they ended their marriage before she made it to the reality TV show.


So, for him, he was just .ing his game and entertaining the viewers, but it was unfortunate for him, that most people judged him based on the initial fact that Tega is married.

Ebuka said “So, let me come to you now, Boma, because a lot of people have wondered, and you’ve done many interviews, and you’ve answered a lot of questions. But it still feels like mystery to a lot of people why you thought this was the row to go.


Boma responded, “It was still part of the game, and I knew at that time, I knew something that no one else knew.

“I can say that we were very close. She told me the marriage wasn’t t., like, it wasn’t going on. But no one knew that, and I wouldn’t say that, because it wasn’t my story to tell.


“The marriage wasn’t t., like, they were separated, pretty much. But to me, apart from anything, we had a good friendship. So, it was just like a game, let me confusing the people again.

“It was the only thing I did…, because Pere had told me sometime that I was the most unpredictable guy, because within now and next minute, I’m over t.. And he’ll be like, oh bro I just thought you were . now.


“So, to me that was very entertaining. I think I did stay more than one week without any other person. And I’m like since I’ve stay one week without anyone, let me go further. It was still part of the game for me.

“Like, I don’t want people to be able to just predict me. But severally, I thought t. was a lot of jealous people out t.. They feel like, I came from United States, I feel like they’re like, you’re already big, what are you looking for in the BBNaija show. I already had almost 200k followers and verified.


“So, I just feel like t. are people who are just going to hate me, regardless of whatever I was. I didn’t say what I did was right or wrong, but the narrative, like, trying to kill somebody, bringing knife and saying knives and guns.

“I think t. was… they went out of proportion. I didn’t think it was worth anyone dying. So, to me, I knew what no one else knew.


“And like I said. Until she came out not too long ago and say that the marriage ended since 2020, I knew something people didn’t know. And some people would have said, oh Boma why did you not clear yourself. To me, I was dealing with single women”.

Watch video below.

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