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BBNaija’s Bella confronts Sheggz for cautioning her in front of Housemates (video)


Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate and reality television star, Bella Okagbue has confronted her love interest, Sheggz following an alleged embarrassment from Sheggz.

Bella warned Sheggz to desist from embarrassing her in front of their colleagues.

According to Bella, Sheggz asked him to stop dancing with other male Housemates at the party or during Saturday night party.


Talking to Sheggz, Bella said, “Literally when you were screaming and shouting. Who do you think you were talking to like that?” Sheggz replied, I wasn’t screaming, I’ll never shout at your. My tone of voice wasn’t right, as in the way I was speaking wasn’t right”.

As Bella asked Sheggz why he had to tell her to stop dancing with other male Housemates at the party, she insisted that she would dance with whoever she wants to dance with.


“I will dance with whoever I want to dance with, do your worst”, Bella said. Then, Sheggz responded telling Bella that he’s not going to do anything, but she has to heed to his advice.

Bella continued, “This is not the first time you’re doing this. Are you trying to tell me that you’re a man or what?”


Bella further stressed that all through the day she was with Sheggz, he couldn’t come to her personally to tell her about her alleged flirtatiousness, only to embarrass her in front of their colleagues.

“You didn’t like come to me privately to tell me. We were together all through today. You had all the opportunity to say something to me and you didn’t say it. Well, let’s leave it”.


“If you want to say something, say something. Don’t say it in front of the whole Housemates, it’s not okay”.

Watch video below.

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