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BBNaija’s Chi Chi advises Phyna to stay away from Eloswag (video)


Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate and reality television star Chi Chi has advised her colleague, and Level 2 Housemate, Phyna to stay away from Eloswag.

Chi Chi told Phyna this at the arena during the first Showmax task in the Level Up House, on Thursday, August 4.

Chi Chi’s advise comes from a place of love for her fellow lady, Phyna,a Level 2 Housemate who doesn’t know what’s going on between her love interest Eloswag and Chomzy in the Level 1 House.


Eloswag, from our observation, has been into another female Housemate, Chomzy while pretending to love Phyna who’s in a different House.

So, Chi Chi had to advise Phyna to focus on her game, adding that if a man wants her, he will chase her.


“If a man wants you, he will chase you. Focus” – Chichi told Phyna.

Then, after the task, when Housemates from Level 1 went inside their House, Eloswag tried confronting Chi Chi for what she told Phyna, but Chi Chi insisted that she had to tell Phyna what’s going on so she can be careful.


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