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BBNaija’s Modella, Bryann, Cyph, Ilebaye, Phyna, Kess win cooking task


Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemates and reality television stars Modella, Bryann, Cyph, Ilebaye, Phyna, Kess of Team Caesar Salad from Level 2 House have won the Amazon Farms cooking task.

The verdict and results from Big Brother came in for the Housemates on both Level 1 and 2 hours after the task.

Prior to the task, Big Brother sent a brief to each Levels, and it reads below;


“This should be read to the Housemates in the main lounge, by any of the Housemates.

“Housemates, welcome to today’s task courtesy of Amazon Farms. Amazon Farm is Lagos first eatery farmer’s market that offers farm freshs, healthy produce, seven days a week.


“For your task, you’ll be required to bring your culinary skills to the table. Each Levels must be split into two via a lucky dip. A basket with the team name has been provided. You must determine your team members immediately by taking turns to pick one card from the basket.

The team names for Level 1 Housemates are,


• Team Pasta and Prowns.
• Team Vegetable Rice and Chicken.

The team names for Level 2 Housemates are,


• Caesar Salad.
• Team Goat meat Egusi and Poundo Yam.

“T. are two boxes in the store room. One box per team, both boxes contain different ingredients.


“Your task . is simple. Use the provided ingredients in your team’s box to prepare your designated meal. You may creatively design your meal option using a provided ingredients.

“However, teams may use a tip or part of the ingredients provided in the boxes. Teams are free to cook more than one meal if they wish.


“Each Levels have 2 hours and 30 minutes to prepare theirs meals. After preparing your meals you must split them nicely and prepare to make a presentation in the arena.

“Notepads and pen have been provided for you to write your team’s recipes which you must discuss as part of your team’s presentation in the arena. The team with the best cooked meal, in addition to their presentation, as determined by Big Brother will be declared as winners. Big Brother looks forward to some delicious meals from you”.


Below is the order of presentation in the Biggie’s arena.

Team Goat meat Egusi and Poundo Yam.
Team Pasta and Prowns.
Team Vegetable Rice and Chicken.
Team Caesar Salad.


Team Goat meat Egusi and Poundo Yam members include; Amaka, Daniella, Beauty, Groovy, Khalid, Pharmsavi, Christy O.

Team Pasta and Prowns members include; Giddyfia, Eloswag, Diana, Sheggz, Adekunle, Allysyn, Doyin.


Team Vegetable Rice and Chicken members include; Hermes, Bella, Deji, Dotun, Chi Chi, Chomzy.

Team Caesar Salad members include; Modella, Bryann, Cyph, Ilebaye, Phyna, Kess.

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