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BBNaija’s Omashola calls out night clubbers owing him after coming to his club (video) – FashionStyleng

• Omashola vowed to deal with anyone who refused to pay him his money, adding that no one can run away or hide with his money because he has been in Johannesburg for 15 years.

Nigerian reality television star, and ex-Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem contestant, Omashola Kola Oburoh has called out night clubbers who refused to pay up their debts.


The BBNaija star, who expressed his frustration on social media, via his verified Instagram page noted that he’s getting fed up with people who come to his club in Johannesburg and buy bottles of drink, and go home without paying.

He warned that anyone who doesn’t have money to come to club should stay in his house, rather than coming to bring down his business with debts.


Omashola added that if after this video he didn’t get his money from his debtors, he may have to come online and mention their names, since they’ve been wanting him to come to their house before they can pay him.

Omashola said: “Come, Johannesburg big boys, it’s not by force to come to my night club, honestly. If you don’t have money to come to the club, stay in your house, nobody is forcing to come the club, because it’s stressing me and everyone that works in the club.


“If you don’t have money, stay in your house, enough is enough. And if you’re owing me any amount, you must have to pay your debt, because you’re running down my business.

“If you come to the club, buy the drink you’re capable of buying. If it’s one champagne you’re capable, buy one champagne. You don’t have to buy 10 bottles of champagne on credit, making me to run around the whole street looking for you. Kindly pay what you have.


“A lot of people will feel embarrassed very soon, so let nobody tempt me to take action.

“You came to club on Friday, and today is Wednesday, I called you, and you’re telling me to come to your house and collect my money. Are you out of your mind? Have I ever come to your house before? You want me to come to your house now.


“Is it because I allowed you to leave the club without paying? Come to the club again and see if I’ll allow you leave without paying up your debt.

“Until one expressed his frustration on social media, that’s when people know when I’m serious. Please pay me my money.


“Fake club goers are not allowed, my club is not for fake clubbers, stay in your house. I am begging you, pay your money. Very soon I’ll start mentioning all your names on social media.

“I’ve been in this town for 15 years. If you run I’ll find you. Don’t frustrate my life. I have a family I’m feeding and I need those money to feed them.”


Watch video below.


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