Be Aware! If You See These Symptoms, go for an HIV Test Immediately


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The HIV virus causes AIDS and that is when the system affects the immune system, making it weaker, thus the person cannot combat a simple flu. The HIV virus is transmitted through vaginal fluids and blood, breast milk, and sexual contact.

These are the symptoms that show a person might has the deadly virus:

  • Sore throat – this is a positive symptom of HIV as it is the way the body actually reacts on the infection. The individual can become compromised after this. Visit a doctor in order to make sure your health condition is compromised.
  • Swollen lymph nodes – this can indicate positive condition of HIV, thus you have to pay a visit to your doctor’s office. It can cause swelling in the neck, underarms, and the groin area. Any excessive sweating can present this type of infection.
  • Cough – this may be an early sign of the infection, thus you have to check your condition with your doctor, making sure you are OK.
  • Fever – fever can appear with this disease after having unprotected sex. Early after the person gets the infection can experience the flu-like symptoms. The low grade fever may not be cured with meds and the person may also have night sweats, and die. Fever is actually an inflammatory . to the virus that enters the blood stream.
  • Weight loss – as the disease progresses the body starts losing weight. It can be followed by vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and weight loss.
  • Pain in the body – this can be triggered by swollen lymph nodes, or also from rheumatic disease. The latter affects the body muscles and joints and also causes inflammation. This may be a sign that you struggle with vacuities, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.
  • Headaches – if a person is HIV positive unbearable headaches can appear. The migraines can last for 15 days. Visit a doctor, making sure that you are HIV negative.

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