BE CAREFUL: Thinking Of Going Wild On SOCIAL MEDIA? Here Are 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind


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We have all heard the sad story of a 19-year-old girl by the name Mercy, who committed suicide after being assaulted by a foreigner who she meet on ..

This has really gotten me thinking about some of the things young people don’t get when it comes to the use of social media, and mostly .. Nowadays, some young characters just send nude pics and even sex clips on . as if it’s just a norm!

Well, I sought to remind this young folk some few things they should know or always remember about .:

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1. First, your friends on . are not your real friends! They are virtual, meaning, not all of them are your friends in the physical sense. Most of us have never even met half of the ‘friends’ we have on .. Consequently, you may be more prone to meet liars, hypocrites and even cons on .. And that’s why some people don’t use their real names!

2. . is not a photo gallery for nude photos and videos! In any case, what are you thinking sending someone nude photos? Let no one deceive you that they will never leak them to the public. As long as they are out of your phone gallery, they are already in the public domain! If you can, resist the urge of taking nudes or sex clips to start with.

3. A stranger on . will always be a stranger! Never get to that weak point where you think of trusting them. NO! Oh, yeah, another thing, there will always be stalkers on ., so don’t expect to post your pretty photos all over and when someone starts in-boxing, you ask where the heck they came from. Just don’t give in to a . stranger’s favours or demands!

4. There are all sorts of people on ., from perverts, drug dealers, thieves, cons, terrorists, kidnappers, fraudsters,…name them. Just like in the real world, you will find all calibre of people there, and if you’re lucky enough, you might also come across genuine people… but those are hard to come by on this particular platform.

5. Always remember that the internet never forgets! So whatever you post online, from pics, videos, links or even sharing, always have in mind that it will be there to stay. So if you post something pathetic, remember that it will come back to bite you in the behind. So, careful what you put up on your . timeline or what you share! Don’t say you were never warned!

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