BEARD GANG: How To Grow And Groom Your Beards In Style


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Beards..oh beards!! Don’t we all love a man with some properly groomed chin–forest? There’s definitely something about a man who walks into a room of men and gets a stare because he has just appeared with a beard so full and well-kept that the men begin to feel like boys.

It can be awesome to behold, like you just ran into a modern day replica of the Biblical Elijah. If well kept, it’s simply a thrilling sight. But the caveat is -“well-kept”, you don’t want to be seen like a mad man that just lost his bearings.

Beard Gang

The beard itself is a physical characteristic that separates men from boys, girls, and women. In  today’s society that has downplayed good old-fashioned masculinity, growing a beard shows that you are not afraid of being a manly man.

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Growing a beard has its set of trials and tribulations and the bearded lifestyle IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Whether or not you should grow a beard depends in large part on genetics.

If your genes permit, it’s an adventure every man should undertake at least once in his life time.

Like every worthwhile venture, being a part of the exclusive beard gang crew has its rules, rules that must be adhered to if you want to look prim and proper.


Beards come in varying styles. Your choice will depend on your jaw profile and genes. You can choose one that is high maintenance, low maintenance or no maintenance. If you like grooming yourself daily and have the time and patience for it, you can choose advanced styles like the full beard. If you cannot produce the full beard, choose a style that makes the best use of your beard-growth pattern, be it the goatee, the chin curtain, the chin strip, or another variation.

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Beard Gang


Ever heard “I tried to grow my beard out, but I had irritation”? This is because when you stop shaving, your skin produces more dead skin cells that get trapped in the bristles of your new developing beard. Washing with a proper beard shampoo will help clear this up for you while replenishing natural oils stripped away by other shampoos and soaps. A cleansing conditioner will protect the skin underneath with an anti-itch PH formula. Washing your beard with regular scalp hair shampoo will actually make the irritation worse, leaving your beard hair dry, lifeless, and results in itchy beard hair similar to steel wool in some cases.

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An unwritten beard gang code is that the beard is never left to fend for its self. Its important to get yourself a beard brush and a comb. A good beard brush will train your hairs in the right direction—and distribute conditioning oils for maximum effect. Brush the hairs outwards,this will show you areas that need your attention. Once you are done trimming, simply brush the beard down. Brushing helps exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown hair.


As your beard grows into a real beard, you will need to know when to trim up. Many guys take charge of their own beard maintenance, not trusting the care of their beards to anyone else. It can be tough these days to find a barber who really knows his stuff when it comes to beard trimming.

beard gang 2

If you cannot find a barber who is sufficiently trustworthy to trim your beard, buy a beard trimmer and learn to use it. Not all hairs grow at the same length nor in the same direction. It is important to trim starting at the ears down to your neck in order to keep a nice level and even beard length throughout.

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We don’t mean being selective with your diet (that may help on a general level) we mean ensuring you eat in such a manner that you don’t leave the table with particles of food on your beard- that’s downright disgusting. If you have consciously chosen to identify with the beard gang , you might have to watch out for foods like the okro soup!!. A bit of sloppiness while eating can negate all your efforts at grooming.


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