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Did you just fall in love with makeup but you’ve never understood why you’ve been coming out with a messy finish, maybe you are doing everything wrong. As a beauty novice its easy to get confused because there are just too many makeup techniques out there but there are certain makeup rules that you should adhere to. Below we would list out the beauty mistakes and their solution;

1. Skipping Prep Time

When it comes to applying makeup, seasoned makeup artiste never ever fail to stress the importance of prepping before makeup application. The reason why prepping with a moisturizer or primer or both is so important is so that your pores don’t get clogged and cause breakouts like pimples and rashes. So its important to prime or moisturize your face and the areas around your face.

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2. Over-drawn Eyebrows

Not everyone was born with full arch’s or even enough hair on their brows so its seems unnatural when they are over drawn. Yes am sure you want super looking eyebrows but its best not to make them too big or bold, try to work with what you have and fill up the necessary spaces.

3. Buying the wrong Foundation

Its almost a natural occurrence to buy the wrong color of foundation, but there is a quick solution so as not to make this mistake next time. Always try to go to a beauty store, test out the foundation on your neck and allow to dry out to see if it blends with your skin tone.

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4. Wrong Application of  Eye-shadow 

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There are several things that could go wrong with eye-shadow application and one of such things is applying a shimmer eye-shadow as the base for your eye makeup. That right there is wrong, rather than applying shimmer directly you have to start off with a matte natural earth tone base, so as to even the crease out.

Another thing that you may be doing wrong is applying your second eye-shadow base wrongly, this means you are applying it into your crease which would make your eyes look thinner and smaller. Rather than applying into your crease, apply a deeper toned color above it. This would make your eyes seem bigger than they really are.


5. You Can’t Wing An Eye-liner

God knows how long it takes to get both eyes perfectly winged, Its not as easy as it looks and the best solution is to practice and watch cat eyeliner makeup videos.

Are there other mistakes? Share with us in the comment section below.


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