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Which should you use?

Foundation application tools have evolved over the years. From using our fingers we were glad to transit to the cute make-up wedge, remember it? After the wedge, the flat foundation brush make it’s debut, then the round and oval foundation brush. And just when we thought things couldn’t blend any better, the beauty blender showed up and our lives were never the same again! Now most people use either a beauty blender or brush for foundation but which is actually better?

To figure that out, let’s look at the pros and cons of both.

Foundation Brush Pros

Brushes give your face a more airbrushed look. They’re perfect for building coverage and they’re great for powder formulas. Also they don’t absorb a lot of product, so your foundation will last longer with a brush.

Foundation Brush Cons

Brushes could make your make-up look heavy and they have a tendency to emphasize the lines on your face.

Beauty blender or brush for foundation


Beauty Blender Pros

Beauty blenders blend foundations flawlessly into your skin for a very natural look. Like it’s almost impossible for your foundation to end up cakey with a beauty blender.

Beauty Blender Cons

Applying foundation with a beauty blender can be a tad time consuming. This is because of the stippling method using the blender requires. So if you’re applying your make-up on a limited time frame, blenders wouldn’t cut it.

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Also blenders have to be cleaned after every use before it can be reused the next time, which shouldn’t be a biggie. But if you feel ”ain’t nobody gat time for that” then maybe it’s not for you.

beauty blender or brush for foundation


This YouTube blogger tried both at the same time and she couldn’t see a difference in the finished look, neither could we.


So what’s our verdict, beauty blender or brush for foundation? we say just go with what you personally prefer. And if you still use your fingers to apply foundation in 2018, *side eye*. 

Regardless of what application tool you’re using, these tips would put your foundation game on 100.





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