Being Ill On Your Wedding Day Can Suck! .’s How To Handle ItZUMI


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No, we’re not wishing illness on anybody, and we definitely want our brides all happy and healthy, but sometimes circumstances we can’t control happen. So, it’s better to always have a plan or plans

Being ill on your wedding day can be so annoying, so if that ever happens, . are ways to manage the situation.

1. Rely on your partner to help you

You’re going to have to trust that somebody’s got you, and who better person than your spouse . He will be closest to you for the greater part of the day so if you need anything, just let them know.

being ill on your wedding day

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2. Medication

You can take your medication to the reception with you, so that you don’t miss any dose.Your maid of honour or a reliable bridesmaid can keep it and remind you when you need to take it. It’ll also help you feel better.

3.  Reduce the activities

You might be reluctant to do this because you’re thinking of your guests; and that’s so sweet but the shorter the activities, the earlier the event will end and the earlier you can get home. You can also bring the ones most important activities forward – like your first dance or cake cutting.

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4. Slow dance instead of jumping around

You might already have chosen your komole songs and even practiced your moves, but if you’re feeling under the weather, this isn’t the time to see how low you can go… So, not to break down or get worse, it’s better to stick to slow dances and slow paced moves.

being ill on your wedding day

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5. Get some rest.

Depending on how you feel, you can always just make a little announcement to your guests and disappear. Just leave the music and someone you trust in charge. You’ve already been wedded, what’s the worst that can happen?

You can be ill on your wedding day and still have a good time, just take it easy and don’t over work yourself. .’s how to deal with being on your period on your wedding day.


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