Best Ankara beach wears for beautiful ladies in 2018 (PHOTOS)


Let’s talk about trendy Ankara beach wears for ladies to wear in 2018. Hot weather is the best time for experiments and bright images. Knowing the trends of beach fashion for the next season, you can easily look stylish.

Trendy Ankara beach wears for ladies to wear in 2018

Each fashionista begins to plan her weekend or vacation in advance, carefully considering every detail. To be sure of your attractiveness, it’s important to know what trends in beach fashion and style should be expected in the coming season. What did the designers prepare for the beach season of 2018?

Ankara skirt and top for beach party

Bright Ankara fabrics are suitable for creating any outfits: dresses, skirts, blouses, and trousers. Also, this fabric can also be used for beach fashion. Sundresses, tunics, shorts with tops and even swimsuits can be made from Ankara.

Ankara maxi dress for beach party

Designers offer incredible Ankara models of beachwear for the beach season 2018. They are divided into three groups:

  • outfits on the way to the beach;
  • attires for wearing on the beach;
  • swimming clothes.

What kind of beach fashion is waiting for us in 2018? What to wear to the beach?

Trendy Ankara swimsuits

Beach wears for ladies

Trendy Ankara swimsuits

In 2018, fashion designers offer a wide variety of beautiful Ankara styles and colors for a swimsuit. It’s an understated open swimsuits, which can be supplemented with a skirt, and pants with a high fit.

Ankara swimsuit with shorts

For several years in a row, open swimsuits have been keeping the leading positions. They are comfortable and allow the body to breathe. However, only girls with a good figure who are not afraid to demonstrate their body can choose such swimsuit models.

Ankara swimsuit with ropes and long sleeves

Ankara whole-piece swimsuit with ropes

Designers complemented many Ankara models of swimsuits with fringe, frills, transparent inserts and even a long sleeve.


Gorgeous swimsuit

Looking at the new collections of 2018, many of them remind us the fashion of the 50’s but with modern fashion additions. Except for various bright Ankara prints you can find cut-outs, the interlacing of ribbons and other trendy details.

Ankara swimsuits with shorts

Swimming trunks with a high fit hide some shortcomings of the figure. Even having plump forms, in such a swimsuit you can feel graceful. Models of swimsuits with a deep neckline are more suitable for a beach party than for a swimming. Adding the flared maxi skirt, you can safely go for a walk along the beach.

Ankara swimsuit with elongated top

The models with an elongated top are in trend. In this model, low pants are combined with an elongated top. It can be complemented by interlacing, lacing or short sleeves.

Ankara whole-piece swimsuit

Today designers give preference to whole-piece models of a swimsuit, as piece-work swimsuits can visually correct a woman’s figure with extra weight.

Ankara long sundresses

Trendy Ankara styles of beach dresses

To put the body on public dis. is no longer in trend. Designers created beach collections of a closed type if you don’t want to sunbathe barely naked in summer 2018. Ankara sundress is not only the basic thing of the women’s wardrobe on a hot day but also perfectly used on the beach. The lightness of sundresses models for the beach season allows women to feel free and relaxed.

Ankara loose maxi gown

Sundress is an indispensable subject of the wardrobe. It’s an ideal option not only for walking but also for solemn events. Ankara sun-gowns are lightweight and bright. As usual, they are straight and flared. Their distinctive feature is the absence of sleeves and presence of thin straps. Some models are without straps. T.fore, in this outfit, every girl feels her comfortable and relaxed.


Ankara flared sundress


The models with a flared skirt and an original pattern are relevant this season. They may be of different lengths. Also, the American armhole returned to fashion. Such sundress ideally sits on a girl with a small chest and slender waist.

For some seasons the Greek style is popular. A distinctive feature of this sundress is an overstated waist and a straight loose skirt that can be draped with flounces or folds. Sundresses in Ankara pastel colors and delicate ornaments look especially feminine.

Ankara short loose dress

Stylists recommend choosing a sundress that does not restrain movements. T. are no clear rules when choosing a sundress for the beach. The main thing is that you feel comfortable!

Chiffon tunic with Ankara trim

Stylish Ankara tunics

Designers offer various Ankara beach tunics from ultra short to as long as possible for women-fashionistas. The choice of models is huge. A tunic in hot weather can replace a sundress or a beach dress. Pareo in 2018 is no longer in trend, although many ladies still prefer to buy it instead of tunics.

Ankara swimsuit and tunic

Be stylish even on the beach! With the help of a tunic, you will surely achieve a mysterious and romantic image on the beach. And how do you choose the right length for a tunic? Only slender women with a fitted body can afford short tunics. If you are a woman who cannot prepare a figure for a beach season, then buy a knee-length tunic. And if you did not even try to make the body fit, then your option is a tunic of the maximum length.

Ankara mini tunic

The choice of tunics in the new season is almost unlimited. Designers presented short and elongated models, fitted and flared, with short and long sleeves, plain and with print. When making a choice, you should focus exclusively on external data. If desired, a tunic can be used instead of a dress.

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Ankara tunic

Ankara tunics in casual style look perfect with trousers or jeans. Among the novelties of 2018, t. are models with an elongated back which are similar to a dress

One of the main traced trends is the use of intricate patterns and African ornaments by designers. They are worn with jeans or long trousers with ethnic motifs. Large earrings and thick bracelets help to supplement the image.

Ankara top with frills

Ankara skirt and white top for beach

Ankara shorts for beach

Ankara beach jumpsuit

Other types of beachwear

The beach season is the best period for experiments and fitting bright images. Ankara sun-dress and tunic are the usual clothes for the beach. But it’s equally valuable to replace it with original summer shorts, skirts, crop tops, and T-shirts made of light Ankara fabrics. Of course, the most popular beach clothes in light colors with pastel ornaments, but the dark colors with bright patterns also look impressive.

Ankara top and long skirt

Ankara bando top and shorts for beach

For a beach wears, you can use bustier tops or bando tops. They can be with or without straps. Concerning color solutions, both bright and pastel colors and patterns will be appropriate for your outfits. The only thing is to avoid too dark images. Black is hardly suitable for day wear on the beach. But you can put it on a beach party. The combination of Ankara multicolored and plain wardrobe elements looks great.

Ankara shorts

Bum shorts are also a must-have for the beach fashion. For a slender figure, a variety of models are good, and narrow ones are among others.

Ankara maxi dress with a cut

Now you are aware of the latest beach wears for ladies in 2018 and t.fore you can look amazing on vacation or weekend.



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