Big Mistakes Women Make In Relationships


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There are many blunders that women make in relationships. Chief among them is over-analysing your potential man. A lot of women tend to let the thoughts in their heads take over and begin to over-analyse the man in front of them.

Who is he What are his real intentions What is he really about A woman will look at a man’s behaviours and the things he says and use that as a means to measure how she feels about him.

In addition, a woman will call a committee of her girls over for coffee and pick apart text messages. Every word in the text is subjected to the kind of scrutiny that is subjected to potential terror suspects.

Over-analysing men

Any delay in responding to a text is questioned. Why is he not responding The girls hunch together. They replay every little detail over and over again, turning nothing into something, and the list goes on. Girls, over-analysing your man is unhealthy and unhelpful to both yourself and your relationship.

I will give you free advice, since I am in a good mood this Monday. Men are simple creatures. The most attractive woman to a guy is the one who is drama-free, the one who just goes with the flow, the one who doesn’t put so much pressure in the relationship.

The first few stages of a budding romance are the most exciting, and if you are too wrapped up in playing emotional detective, then you won’t get to actually enjoy it!

Just stay confident in yourself and trust that he does like you. And if he doesn’t, is it the end of the world

Another blatant blunder that girls make is assuming that they are the ‘official’ ones before actually being given that honour.

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Sometimes it is very difficult for girls to keep their options open when they find Mr Nice Guy and can’t picture themselves meeting anyone better. The Mr Nice Guy is assumed to be Mr Right.

They think that just because they hit it off after a couple of dates, this guy has every quality they want, and so, they begin to act like the girlfriend, when in reality, they are not.


Just because things are going great and he presses all the right buttons does not give the relationship any exclusivity! Truth of the matter is that no man is going to ever willingly make it official and commit to a girl unless he is absolutely sure of it.

Dramatic, paranoid, jealous

A man is wired to avoid being tied down and will only commit to that special woman when the time is right. That time is according to him, not you the girl. This is never a 50:50 power-sharing deal.

So, stop being over-dramatic and paranoid that he is not into you just because he likes another girl’s Instagram pictures or Snapchats with other ladies.

Do not make nothing into something! If he is really into you, he will not have to ever put a doubt in your mind and the budding relationship will eventually flourish into a prosperous one!

Girls, the harder you push a man into a relationship, the more he feels ensnared into it. He sees himself in the same situation as that chimpanzee in a zoo. So, put up your best foot forward and hope that you are the one.

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