Bish Stole My Look! Beyonce Vs Cardi B: Who Wore It Best?


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What would you do if you spotted someone with the same outfit at the same party?!

We all hate it when someone dresses up in the same damn outfit at the same damn party right?! Well, I can’t stand it! This time round we see these two go at it; Beyonce and Cardi B! Believe it Cardi B decided to steal Beyonce’s look! First of all, she has the same exact headgear with Beyonce; a tall crown with embellishments, then she goes ahead and gets accessories just like her. Cardi B decided to have the same neck-piece expect hers is in pearls. Well, I could go on and on but you be the judge. Vote and let us know.

1. Beyonce.

What is it that Beyonce can’t do?! She performed at the Grammy’s while she was pregnant in her gold-colored outfit and headgear. She looked heavenly in her goddess-inspired look. We love this Beyonce!

beyonce grammy outfits

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.: Beyonce

2. Cardi B.

So Cardi B showed up to the Met Gala; Heavenly Bodies Catholic Fashion inspired theme in a white embellished by Jeremy Scott. She went all out with her headgear and what we like is she looked classy in it. Good job Cardi B

cardi b met gala outfits

.: Cardi B

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