Bish Stole My Look! Vera Sidika Vs Zari Who Wore It Best?


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vera sidika zari hairstyles

Now these two socialites have been spotted with the same damn dress!

Vera Sidika and Zari The Boss Lady have again been spotted in the same sexy dress! Now we all know how awkward it is to have the same cute dress worn by another person at the same place right? Well both of these two socialites dressed it up in their own way. Zari decided to wear this outfit for dinner while vera decided to dress up like she was about to go out with her girl squad. You be the judge and vote below on who wore it best.

. is the same rose gold sequin dress on Vera and Zari:
1. Zari The Boss Lady.

It’s no doubt that Zari is the fashion queen of Tanzania right? She gets this rose gold dress and pairs it with her gold high heels, gold handbag but girl decided to also have on some silver. I don’t know about you but having those two colours on didn’t work for me. She looks great though with her black long wig.

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zari and vera sidika in the same dress

.: Zari

2. Vera Sidika.

Our very own socialite Vera Sidika has on the same exact dress. She dresses it up well like she is about to go to the club in a few hours. She has on her brown blonde wig and minimal jewellery to let dress stand out on its own. Well done Vera!

zari and vera sidika in the same dress

.: Vera Sidika

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