Black Lives Matter Shirts That Give Back To Anti-Racist Organizations

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If you’d like to take your support for anti-racist organizations off the Internet and into real life, t. are plenty of ways to do so. After donating (the most direct way to support the Black Lives Matter movement!), another tangible way to support is through the purchase of merch that gives back. T. are Black Lives Matter shirts and tees that donate funds to anti-racist organizations available now—so you don’t have to guess w. your money is going when you buy. Several brands (including the Black Lives Matter organization itself) are donating profits to places that directly benefit The George Floyd Memorial Fund, Minnesota Freedom Fund and myriad other organizations. You can buy a shirt knowing you’re helping anti-racist organizations at the same time—which is a major win.

While it might be tempting to purchase the first t-shirt adorned with Black Lives Matter or an anti-racist sl.n you find online, we suggest taking a little extra time to make sure your money is going to benefit those who need it. To help you narrow down places that actually support the Black Lives Matter movement and work to eradicate racism, we rounded up some t-shirts you can feel good about purchasing. Put your money w. your mouth is and support Black lives—even when you’re buying a t-shirt to wear.

If you can, donate money directly to anti-racist organizations first. Then, if you want to continue promoting the movement, grab a t-shirt to show your support. You can start with the t-shirts below and know that when you purchase one of them, you’re also funding the Black Lives Matter movement and other anti-racist organizations.


1. This Black Life Matters T-Shirt

STYLECASTER | Black Lives Matter Shirts

AB Media Group/SHFT WORLD.

100% of the profit from the sales of this t-shirt will be split (50/50) between Black Visions Collective and the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund. T. are two other styles of the tee as well: one with “Her black life matters,” and one with “His black life matters.” In addition, SHFT WORLD will also share the the actual amount contributed to these organizations each week from the sales of these shirts.


2. Black Lives Matter Shirt

STYLECASTER | Black Lives Matter Shirts


Vagabondary on Etsy has designed this t-shirt in four different colors and will donate 100% of the profits to the Black Lives Matter movement—including victims of police brutality, protestors and black-owned businesses. When you buy this shirt, you can also include the name of an anti-racist fund to which you’d like the profits donated.


3. Official 3 Stripe Streak Shirt

STYLECASTER | Black Lives Matter Shirts

Black Lives Matter.

If you’d like to buy merch directly from the Black Lives Matter organization, you have the option to shop their site as well. This long-sleeve tee is made of pre-shrunk cotton and the funds go toward the Black Lives Matter movement through the Black Lives Matter organization.


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4. Raised Fist Black Lives Matter Shirt

STYLECASTER | Black Lives Matter Shirts

Palavi Ahuja/Custom Ink.

When you purchase this t-shirt from Custom Ink, 100% of the profits will be donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. You can also donate directly through the site, or add on additional donation when you buy your new tee.


5. White Silence Black Lives Matter Shirt

STYLECASTER | Black Lives Matter Shirts

Kid Super.

While hip hop artist Russ created this t-shirt in 2017, it’s had a new wave of sales recently. All of the proceeds from the purchase of this shirt go to Black Lives Matter. So far, he’s raised $250,000, which is pretty amazing.


6. For Us By Us Shirt

STYLECASTER | Black Lives Matter Shirts

Black Lives Matter.

Another t-shirt option directly from the Black Lives Matter organization is this “By Us For Us” t-shirt that comes in two different colors. If you want to donate directly to Black Lives Matter as well, you can do so on their donation site—and even set up a recurring donation.


7. No Justice No Peace Shirt

STYLECASTER | Black Lives Matter Shirts

Philadelphia Printworks.

Philadelphia Printworks created this t-shirt based on the well-known protest chant. When you purchase this tee, you’re also donating to 16 different organizations (which you can find on Philadelphia Printworks community page)—including Black Futures Lab and National Bail Out.


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