Blackheads? Here’s How To Use Egg Whites For Them


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Using egg whites for blackheads is a ‘thing’ to try! Egg whites do amazing things for the skin and if you’ve had it with blemishes then it’s definitely one to try and it comes without a side effect! (Who doesn’t like that) . It’s a simple remedy that leaves your skin clearer in no time

Using egg whites often on the skin helps to nourish it, keeps it firm aka ageless (a top reason to try this wonderful home remedy), poreless and clear leaving it to glow. It is also one way to help keep blemishes away so even if you don’t break out often, you can still use egg whites to maintain your great skin.

egg whites for black heads

(Photo: Medical News Today)

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To get the best of the egg whites for blackheads remedy, get an egg, soft tissue and follow these steps:
Egg Whites For Blackheads

(Photo: YouTube via Journey To Waist Length)

  • Break an egg into a clean bowl separate the yolk from the white (you only need the egg white)
  • Whisk the egg white until it gets fluffy
  • Wash and cleanse the skin
  • Apply the beaten egg white on the face and place a single ply of tissue at a time on the face
  • Once the whole face is fully covered, apply more of the egg whites again all over the tissue already ‘sitting’ on the face
  • Let it sit for about to 15-20 mins/till it’s dry
  • Gently peel off – emphasis on GENTLY – (You should see some gunk peel away)
  • Follow up with a toner to close the pores

Featured image YouTube via Journey To Waist Length

. Blackheads? Here’s How To Use Egg Whites For Them . fashionstyle.


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