Which is it going to be?

Never did we see the day that tomboy songstress, Fena Gitu would rock a girly wig as a protective style, yet she has surprised us! Fena took to the gram yesterday with her recent hairdo and we were all left staring at our screens! She rocked a side part blonde wig and had this to say to her Instagram fans:

New hurr whodisss. 😁

Yaaas! We are all . for the change, but we have to ask, which protective style do you girlies prefer on Fena?

Protective Style Fena

.: Instagram.

1. Nutty-nutty dreadlocks!

We love Fena in her signature protective style, especially because this Marini Naturals brand ambassador does a great job maintaining her locs and keeping up to date with the latest locs styles.

Protective Style Fena

.: Instagram.

2. Wig protective style.

All hail, the newest blonde in town!

So girlies, of course we have to ask; Which hairdo does Fena most justice? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

Corazon and Vera need your vote!


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