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“Bobrisky threatened to kill me if…” – Crossdresser James Brown opens up (video)

• James opened up that he and Bobrisky became enemies after he (James) acclaimed himself as Drag Queen and Princess of Africa.

Nigerian popular crossdresser, James Brown Obialor has alleged that his colleague, and fellow crossdresser, Bobrisky has threatened to end his life.


James stated that Bobrisky told him that if he doesn’t stop answering Drag Queen and Princess of Africa, that he’s going to kill him.

Mr Obialor disclosed this during a recent interview w. he was asked about Bobrisky and how they’ve been working together in their respective crossdressing businesses.


James Brown said, “He’s been trending for long. He’s respected, he’s older than me. He’s in his 30s. And he has being in the industry for like 7 years. So, I just came three to four years ago.

“He doesn’t like me because… meanwhile, when I came he tried to support me, gives me money, which I really appreciate so much.


“So, the thing is he has been really supportive, he gave me a couple of money, and then we talk on phone, we hang out.

“So, as time goes on, I became a dancer from Instagram, into a drag Queen. At that moment, he was restless and he became my enemy. So he didn’t like me at all.


“Sometimes, I do not get it. You think you know people well, but you do not know them. He’s just rich that’s it.

“And he’s chatting me that if I continue being James Brown or being the drag Queen, you know, the Princess of Africa, that he’s going to kill me.


“So, that’s how we became enemies, and it was all over the news. All over YouTube, all over everyw.. That’s how we became enemies.

Then, interviewer asked, “People are saying Bobrisky is not as rich as he claims or she claims”.


In his response, James revealed that he doesn’t actually know Bobrisky’s networth but he’s very sure that he’s not as rich as people see him to be.

James Brown continued, “I did not know his networth, but I stand to believe that he has money, yes, but not as much as I think he has, but I don’t know because I’m not in his bank account.


“I don’t know what he’s doing, but I know we’re doing that same work, but I do not know other things apart from that.

“I do know a lot of things back in the days, but right now, I don’t know. And again, even though I know, I do not…”.


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