Bold Makeup Looks That Will Blow Your Mind From Liz Aliyu!fashionstyle


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To be honest, we never really realized how amazing Liz was until we came across this on our timeline. She shared this stunning makeup photo to support breast cancer awareness and we’re hypnotized!

(Photo: Instagram via @BeauteByLiz)

BOLD Makeup Looks That Will Blow Your Mind From Liz Aliyu!

(Photo: Instagram via @BeauteByLiz)

The look, inspired by her sequined headwrap, is filled with rose gold goodness. Liz added little stars, glitter and a breast cancer awareness ribbon that truly ties the look together with the theme.

So we stalked her page to find out what other amazing looks she had and we were not disappointed. They were bold, loud and show-stopping!

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So ladies and gentlemen, . are 5 bold makeup looks we couldn’t stop staring at.

You can literally feel the calm of the sunset and the electrifying zing of the disco era with this look. It’s super stunning and that cut crease is really sharp.

THIS! How do you get your lines so perfect Liz? The Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette didn’t stand a chance when Liz whipped it out to create this look. We especially love the blue glitter over the yellow colour. Stunning!

Somebody help us, we seem to be dying of jealousy! This ankara-inspired look is all shades of amazing, and pink. We love how she always adds a pop of colour to each look, giving it that zing eyeshadows are made for.

Orange slices anyone? This look is bursting with fun and delicious oranges and blues. We love this look so much we’re already on our way to buy our Taos Cosmetics Dolly Lana palette.

This look is beyond stunning. It has the pop of colour you’re looking for and isn’t overwhelming in any way.

And if you’re wondering how she achieved it, we have a video for you! Press . and discover how you can recreate this look.

If you’re loving these looks, we think we have some braided hairstyles you’ll love to pair them with! Check them out!


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