Boxes You Need To Tick Before “Jumping The Broom”


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If you have ever watched the move “runaway bride” with Richard Gere and Julian Roberts, you know saying yes to a marriage proposal isn’t a confirmation that you are ready to be someone’s forever. Jumping the broom is a big decision, so it’s crucial you’re completely sure that getting married is the right choice for you. Therefore, before you “go bridal gown shopping” Look out for these definitive signs that you’re truly ready to get married.
1. Ask yourself, “Do I truly want to get married?

Deciding to get married has to be solely a choice you make all by yourself. Without any pressure from your friends, your family, your significant other, or even from society in general. The deep desire to be “hitched” has to come from you and you alone.

Boxes You Need To Tick before "Jumping The Broom"


2. Are you convinced he is the one?

If you are ready for marriage, one of the major signs is that you are convinced inside of you that he is the one you want to spend forever with. You need to have to reservations. if you have been having doubts, worries, or concerns about your partner, that’s a red flag.

3. Are you both aware and ready to commit?

While it can be easier to say, “I love you” commitment will require more than just words. Especially when the honeymoon phase fades and reality kicks in. So are you guys ready to dip both feet in?

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Boxes You Need To Tick before "Jumping The Broom"


4. Do you openly communicate without fear of conflict?

A clear indicator that you are ready for jumping the broom is that you and your partner can openly discuss any topic, large or small. In other words, nothing is off limits without the fear of judgment or conflict.

Boxes You Need To Tick before "Jumping The Broom"


If you check these boxes, you then can book the cake, call your bestie and of course pick the dress.


Meanwhile, these are the things you need to know before choosing your wedding vendors.

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