Brace Yourselves For The Hottest Looks From The Fine Kikuyu Twitter Trend!


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Fine Kikuyu Twitter, ZUMI

Kikuyu women are so beautiful and we have proof!

Twitter has got to be one of the most lit social media platforms so it is no wonder that KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) have come up with the Fine Kikuyu Twitter trend! This hash tag has been trending on twitter and it requires fine kikuyus to post up favourite pictures of themselves to back the hash tag. We are loving it and today we have rounded up the hottest looks from this trend so far!

1. Kitenge and lace.

We have been drawn to the kitenge and lace combination lately and this Fine Kikuyu Twitter participant is right down our alley. Keziah served up some major summer vibes and we love how the studs on her shoes injected some much welcome masculinity to her entire look!

Fine Kikuyu Twitter, ZUMI

.: Keziah.

2. Tie and die.

Ok, this look gave us some serious throwback vibes! When was the last tie you saw a tie and die outfit that you could actually leave the house in? Lol! Fine Kikuyu Twitter babe, Koi, is definitely bringing sexy back with her two piece outfit and we likey!

Fine Kikuyu Twitter, ZUMI

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.: Koi Love.

3. Is mustard the new “it” colour?

We have been seeing the most stunning of mustard looks and this Fine Kikuyu Twitter ensemble is no exception. This two piece set can easily pass as a jumpsuit and we cannot get over the jacquard fabric on the off shoulder top!

4. Fine Kikuyu Twitter would not be complete without a selfie! 😉

Well, simply because selfies are life and this Kikuyu belle is absolutely stunning! Her makeup game is flawless and let’s not even get started on her kinky hair extensions!

Have you jumped on the #FineKikuyuTwitter trend yet? Which of these has been your favourite look? Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!

Ladies, we have proof that Octopizzo is more stylish than your ex and boyfriend combined!

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