Mum is about to be loved on a whole new level with these hairstyles she’s about to try. Braids for children are starting the grown-up version with just a little twist to it!

Gone are the days where mums won’t allow their daughters wear a particular hairstyle because it is off-limits or it seems a little too grown-up. In fact, the reverse is the case as modern mums push their children to try hairstyles that pretty much look like theirs these days.

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Braids for children are huge now because mums see their mini-mes in a new and modern light. Modern mums really dig the “mummy and me cuteness”. It is the major reason for coordinating with their daughters.

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We would be checking out braids for children that basically replicate normal braids and Ghana weaving hairstyles for adults. Shuku, braids, all-back can all be tweaked to fit the taste of the children. However, some children are willing while some don’t care as much.

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The trick is not to make them feel like they are trapped. In addition, make sure your hairdresser doesn’t make painful hairstyles. Also, add fun and playful accessories to the hairstyles to make them pleased with the results. A happy mummy and a happy daughter are what these tricks would result in – trust us on that!

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