Tossing the wedding bouquet is seen as a cherished and fun part of bridal ceremonies, but more brides are gradually looking to break away from the generic act and sorting for alternatives that doesn’t tend to only the single lady who catches the bouquet as the one to get hitched.

Are you thinking of breaking away from tradition at your wedding? . are alternatives to tossing the wedding bouquet that will put a spin to your bridal reception.

1. Have a single ladies dance

Instead of a bouquet toss, put together a single ladies dance on the open floor. In addition, pick a fun, female positive song. In doing this, you are celebrating your single friends and subtly showing them off to the bachelors around.

2. Divide the bouquet

If you still want to maintain the tradition but just to put on twist to it, split the wedding bouquet into pieces and share to the single ladies in the room. That way, it shows you support all the women present who have come to celebrate with you.

Break Tradition: 3 Alternatives To Tossing Your Wedding Bouquet

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3. Have a surprise “Bachelor and single ladies” peer up

You and your spouse should gather your individual single friends and peer them up on the floor. In addition, give a quick bio of each person so to “Break the ice”. Think about it like speed dating!

Break Tradition: 3 Alternatives To Tossing Your Wedding Bouquet

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