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Breaking: NPower Exposes Fake Batch C 2023 Recruitment Website

Npower, the government-led job creation and empowerment initiative in Nigeria, has recently exposed a fraudulent Batch C Stream 3 recruitment website that was designed to deceive unsuspecting job seekers. The identity of the individual who created the fake website remains unknown.
On Friday, Npower officially addressed the issue through its social media platforms, warning citizens to be cautious of fraudulent schemes that could potentially defraud them. The organization encouraged people to be vigilant and exercise caution when seeking to benefit from the Federal government’s social investment project.
In their statement, Npower categorically stated that the website in question is completely fake and does not originate from the organization. They strongly advised the public to disregard the website and to rely only on official channels and communication from Npower.
It is essential to note that scammers often use tactics like this to exploit individuals who are looking for employment opportunities. As such, it is always best to verify any information received before taking any action. Npower’s swift action serves as a reminder to be vigilant and always use official communication channels to avoid falling prey to scammers.
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FS News has promised to keep the public informed about any updates on the commencement of another batch of Npower recruitment. It is recommended that individuals stay connected to the website to be among the first to receive the latest news on Npower and other government social investment programs.
It is essential to note that during recruitment periods, scammers often create fake websites and communication channels to deceive job seekers. T.fore, Npower advises individuals to rely solely on verified social media handles for authentic information.
Npower’s verified social media handles include Twitter (npower_ng), Instagram (npower_ng), WhatsApp (07030859183), and contact center phone numbers (018888148, 092203102, 0700CALLNSIP). Job seekers are encouraged to use these official channels to avoid being victims of fraud.
Npower are committed to ensuring that job seekers are provided with accurate and reliable information about employment opportunities. By using only verified channels of communication, individuals can protect themselves from fraud and stay informed about the latest developments in Npower and other government social investment programs.


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