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People might argue that it’s not important to have a bridal pedicure for the wedding since the dresses are usually always covering your feet, but girl, having your feet look good for your wedding is also a priority and should not be neglected.

The beautiful thing about this is that t. are simple bridal pedicure tips for you to make your feet look glamorous.

Tips like:

1. Soaking your feet with hot water and bath salts

Bath salts help soften your feet, and the hot water gives your feet a tingling massage and also softens the feet, enabling you to scrub the dirt off them easily.

bridal pedicure tips

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2. Treat your feet

Tea bags in warm water is a lifesaver. This rejuvenates the skin on your feet and makes them look fresher.

3. Foot massage

Take time to gently massage your feet with coconut oil. Coconut oil contains vitamin E, vitamin E revitalizes the skin and gives a lustre to the skin.

bridal pedicure tips

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4. Exfoliate your feet

Scrub your feet with lemon, baking soda and turmeric. This wonderful mixture has been known to remove dark knuckles, even skin tone and make the skin glow.

bridal pedicure tips

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5. Show your toenails some love

You want your toenails healthy, strong and long so that you can have a striking pedicure on your wedding day. Never forget to use nail hardener for the toenails, this makes the nails grow better and stronger and you can easily file them to give you the shape you want.

bridal pedicure tips

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