Bridal Robes Are A Major Thing Right Now! See Proofs


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If you didn’t know, now you know: bridal robes have become quite popular among 2019 brides and the best part is they are getting even more beautiful and ever so feminine.

Many modern brides spend the last few moments of their single-hood with their girl pals and what better way to say good bye to life as usual with your girls than to wear a uniform of some sort, in this case, matching robes in an intimate setting.


So in essence, the bridal robe signifies the last time a bride-to-be bonds with her girls as a single woman. It is the moment that is dearest and nearest to making the transition from single-hood to married-dom and as such many brides want to feel luxurious and cherished. This new tradition has become as coveted as other key moments from the wedding proper.

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And just like every other thing linked to a wedding; t. are several things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for your bridal robe:

1. Consider your budget, keeping in mind that you get what you pay for.
2. Go for a fabric that represents your style the most. Silk, lace and tulle or a combination of two or more fabrics are popular material options for a contemporary bridal robe.
3. The robe design should also match your style, overall wedding theme and of course, match your girls’ robes.
4. Finally, I bet you don’t want to be a bland bride, so consider personalizing yours to make it unique.


Are you ready to say yes to a gorgeous bridal robe? If you are already getting excited, we’ve got inspiration for you. Don’t forget about all the other essentials like your accessories and matching slippers (some brides do heels) as they all come together to make for a perfect picture moment. Say cheese!

Check out a few bridal robes we love…



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