A bridal shower marks the end of the single life for every bride. As the maid of honour, it is your job to make sure the bride and her bridesmaids have fun!

These bridal shower ideas can help you throw the best bridal shower party ever:

1. Nautical themed bridal showers

A common prop in a lot of bridal showers is face masks, but do you know what’s better?… Sailor hats! Yes, the nautical themed bridal shower idea is a fave for women who love to explore their sexy side. Get your girls together, put on your sexy bikinis, keep your sailor hat handy, and werk it!

bridal shower

(Photo: Instagram/b.bparties)

2. Poolside bridal shower

Having a bridal shower by the poolside is amazing and fun. It’s very convenient, as you can use the hotel option. Plus, you can make it glam and fabulous, by wearing matching outfits.

bridal shower

(Photo: Instagram/The Black Bachelorette)

3. “The Voice” themed bridal shower

You’re probably wondering if you’re reading correctly… Yes, you are. If the bride to be is a fan of the popular singing competition show, “The Voice”, then why not?With the right props, a funny karaoke competition within the squad, and refreshments, it will be perfect.

bridal shower ideas

(Photo: Instagram/partypropshop)

4. Hawaiian themed shower

Hawaii is a beautiful place to be and we absolutely love a bridal shower idea like this. Everything is perfect, the colors and the decor. You should definitely hop on this train.

bridal shower ideas

(Photo: Skaa-h photography)

These bridal shower ideas are easy to achieve and we guarantee fun all the way! Just make sure you invite us. Here are some unique bridal shower games you can . to spice up the day.




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