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90% of the time we recieve couples at the Family Center and we ask the simple question; ” What is the Current Situation of Things”  it always, always leads to an unraveling of things that happened in the past. 
Things your partner may have long forgotten or deemed forgiven and out of the way. 
The Truth and Reconciliation Altar is a devotional time when the family uses spirituality to address faults, errors, negligence and conflict. 
Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Atheist-Scientist … Whatever higher authority you believe in has laid down principles to forgiveness. 
The Bible has it. The Quran has it. Even Amadioha has Reconciliation requirements when communities face conflicts. 
By the way, If as a husband you do not have a structured Family Altar, a place w. all family retire to at a specified time, regardless of what their schedule is. A place of sharing, bonding, solving family problems, listening and deep listening. 
 As I teach in my classes, the family institute head is the Man Figure, even in gay contexts. Leadership, Roles & Responsibilities is essential for sustainability of any kind of relation. The Man Figure is the priest of his home and must be fully dedicated to upholding his altar. As I learnt from Sir Otedola, no Man can be too busy for his family, even from the other end of the world. 
Spiritual Connectivity even without being in the same vicinity is essential. Once your alarm goes off, you know it’s time to detach and connect. 
This strategy has been used and remodeled over different centuries by  World Leaders to foster forgiveness and co-existence after war, dispute, invasion, conflict. Canada, Rwanda, Ghana, Ecuador, Morocco et al _________ 
This strategy is used a post damage – recovery strategy, but has been designed by the S.N.F.A  as a preventive tool for maintaining Quality Family Quotient, the standard for building solid ruling class families all over the world. 
Decide as a man that the family you build, will be built with intentionality to be the best it can be, constantly watering, pruning, shaping and growing to achieve set goals. 
Family Set Goals & Vision Board is discussion for another day.
Written by Sira-Mene Teeh



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