Busted! This Is How To Tell If Your Beauty Products Are Fake


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You know the cliche ”fake it till you make it”? Well, when it comes to your skin, you really don’t want to be faking it.

T.’s a difference between carrying a fake Gucci bag and putting fake beauty products on your skin. The former could get you a few extra likes on Instagram, no problem. While the latter could actually damage your skin. But with these pointers, you’ll be able to identify fake beauty products easily.

The pricing

For a product you’ve used consistently, you should already have an idea of the price. So if it suddenly becomes ridiculously cheaper then that’s a red flag. To be sure, find out if the price reduction originated from the brand. So go on their website and compare prices. If the price on the official website hasn’t changed and the product is a lot cheaper elsew. then t.’s a high chance it’s fake.

The packaging

Look at the packaging of the product carefully. Usually, with fake products, the quality of the packaging is different from the original ones. Also, if the product normally comes sealed, and the one you’re about to buy isn’t, then t.’s a high chance that it’s fake.

how to identify fake beauty products

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The formula

For skincare products and make-up, pay attention to the smell. If it is overly fragranced and different from what you’re used to, that is a sign. Also, if the consistency of the product is runny or thicker than before and it isn’t specified on the packaging that the formula has changed then it could be fake.

The Label

This one is usually quite obvious. T.’ll be a lot of spelling errors on the packaging. Brands are usually very careful with their spellings so if t. are so many misspelt words as well as grammatical errors, it is definitely fake.

How to identify fake beauty products

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W. it is sold

T. are two categories of beauty products. Drugstore brands and high-end brands. Drugstore brands are brands that you can find in any beauty store. Pretty much anyone can sell drugstore brands because they are very accessible. Examples of drugstore brands are Maybelline, Revlon, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear. High-end brands, on the other hand, are expensive and are sold mostly in their own stores or sometimes in a few other authorized stores. So they are not as accessible as drugstore brands.

Examples of high-end brands are MAC, Nars, Clinique, Lancome, Laura Mercier etc

how to identify fake beauty products

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Buying high-end brands from anyw. else other than their stores or authorized distributors is taking a gamble that not only your wallet but also your skin might suffer for.

Sure, t. are a few retailers who sell the real thing when it comes to high-end brands. But you’ll certainly not find them in Balogun market or under the bridge in Ikeja. So in general, be sure you’re buying your beauty products from reputable vendors.

While we’re on the subject of fake beauty products, let’s show you how to buy original human hair extensions. 

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. Busted! This Is How To Tell If Your Beauty Products Are Fake . fashionstyle.


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