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Buttigieg’s Ex-Comms Chief Lis Smith Weighs in On Dems Candidates for 2024

Buttigieg's Ex-Comms Chief Lis Smith Weighs in On Dems Candidates for 2024


Pete Buttigieg‘s ex-communications chief, Lis Smith, says President Biden should, and probably will, run for reelection in 2024 — but if he doesn’t, she’s got thoughts on replacements.

The veteran Democratic political strategist — who helped Buttigieg make a solid presidential run in the 2020 election cycle — told us Tuesday on “TMZ Live” … she thinks Biden is definitely gonna go for it again, and encourages him to do so. But, amid questions about his age, she offers up 3 types of candidates who might enter the campaign.


She suggests a governor or 2, and although Gavin Newsom supporters might think he’s a shoo-in … Lis thinks the Cali guy isn’t the ideal choice to win over moderate Dems in purple states like Ohio or Pennsylvania.

Check out who she did name though … some people who aren’t necessarily national .ers yet, but could probably appeal to a wider base.


Remember, Lis worked wonders for Mayor Pete once upon a time, so her picks certainly carry weight. She recounts her storied professional and personal life in politics in her new book, “Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story.”

BTW, Lis has some advice for the current Prez on how to handle all the doubts about his mental fitness.



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