Can’t Afford The Aso Ebi? Here’s How To Show Up To That Wedding Looking Good


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We know the fuss about buying aso ebi at most Nigerian weddings. Some are so expensive, everyone secretly wonders what the couple are thinking, so we get how concerned you might be when you can’t afford the aso ebi.

So, if you really want to go for that wedding but can’t afford the aso ebi, .’s how you can show up.

The wedding colours

Thankfully, wedding colours are usually more than one colour. So, when they tell you the price of the aso ebi and your heart skips a beat, just ask for the colours of the day. You can buy a dress at a price that’s comfortable for you or check your closet; you might be lucky.

can't afford the aso ebi

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Wearing white for the white wedding is still a no-no of course. You can, however, wear it for the traditional wedding. It’s an easy colour to get and it gives you the liberty to . with other colours while accessorising.

can't afford the aso ebi

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If you can’t afford the aso ebi, another way to still identify with the couple is to buy the gele. Gele is usually sold at a cheaper price and you can always combine it with a dress you already have that fits.

can't afford the aso ebi

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Little black dress

Every woman needs a little black dress in her closet. It comes in handy more often than you think; like for that wedding that you don’t have aso ebi for.

can't afford the aso ebi

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A touch of the aso ebi

Finally, if it’s a wedding w. the aso ebi serves as an invitation card, you can buy as much as you can afford and combine with another material. One yard is enough to make an awesome outfit to slay to that wedding.

can't afford the aso ebi

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And if you already have the aso ebi ready and you just need some style inspiration, . are some amazing style ideas from Chioma Chukwuka.

Featured image: @miss_kaypee via Instagram.

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