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care for your shoes

Remember that time when you were rocking a new shoe, strutting around feeling like a glam queen? Then bam, you strike your leg against a stone or brush it against the wall, eek!

Dang! Now the shoes aren’t in perfect condition anymore. So, how do you continue wearing that shoe without only seeing the scuff?

This is your opportunity to learn a few tricks that can help you care for your shoes and get rid of scuffs altogether on any kind of shoe.

care for your shoes

(Photo: Gianvito Rossi)


Suede shoes are prone to stains and scratches. Use a nail file to rub against the affected part and it will disappear.  Erasers also work well to remove scuffs on suede. If your suede is a light coloured use a light coloured eraser and so on.

Patent Leather
care for your shoes

{Photo: Christian Louboutin}

Cotton swabs dipped in nail polish or petroleum jelly clears scuff marks on patent leather shoes. When your patent shoes aren’t as shiny as they were at first, restore the shine by using glass cleaners such as Windex. These also remove scuff marks. Test on a discrete part first before applying everyw. else.

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Sneakers/Tennis Shoes
care for your shoes

{Photo: Highsnobiety}

Rub erasers on tennis shoes, especially white one (or on white soles) for a squeaky clean look.   Apply a bit of nail polish remover or vinegar to a cotton ball, then use it to wipe stains away from white sneakers.

Leather Boots
care for your shoes

(Photo: Nicolas Thomas)

Put a pea size of petroleum jelly on a cloth swipe to get rid of scuffs on leather shoes. In case you use excess, get a damn cloth to wipe the excess. Also, use the inside of a banana peel to buff up your leather shoes.

Metallic Shoes
care for your shoes

(Photo: River Island)

Look for metallic nail polish colours that match your shoes. Test out the shade to find the perfect match. White vinegar is a great natural cleaner, so, use a toothbrush, gently scrub away scuff marks with vinegar. Paint over the scuffed area with the nail polish, let dry then repeat the process twice more.

Now that you’ve learnt a few tips to help care for your shoes, check out this cute way to revamp your old shoes.




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