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Dark knuckles are not in the least desirable. They are so visible which makes having them worrisome.

No one likes to have unduly dark knuckles because they are a sore sight and bearers become more self conscious of their hands. Several remedies are out t., both home-made and chemical induced, but we think itโ€™s best to take a step back and find out what exactly causes oneโ€™s knuckles to turn dark.

Check out theses causes of dark knuckles:

Yes, you heard right! Having dark knuckles are .ditary in some cases. Genetics come to . in transfer from parents to offspring. So this dark pigmentation is passed on sometimes, and sadly so!

Untreated Skin Infection
causes of dark knuckles

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Skin infections like eczema, psoriasis are major causes of dark knuckles. In some cases, medications used to treat skin infections such as Minocycline have discoloration as side effects and this could be a leading cause of dark knuckles.


Your knuckles are put into use for knocking on hard surfaces like doors, tanks, or handling rough materials such as sand paper and the back of rugs (especially when installing).ย  These activities cause friction. These frictions result as one of three: tougher skin, darker skin or both. The knuckles need care, attention and pampering because they do hard work. It is always best to wear protective gloves while engaging in activities that could cause harm to our hands.

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Moisturizing the right way

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Constant exposure to harsh chemicals will over time cause dryness around the knuckles. Hazardous chemicals like hand-wash detergents, washing agents, cloth bleaches are to be handled with care. Also, submerging hands in hot water and harsh sun rays causes dryness and dark knuckles. Instead of leaving your hands dry after every hand wash which will cause dryness and in turn lead to dark knuckles, apply a coat of hand moisturizer to soften your hands.

Excessive use of Cosmetics

A bunch of us are on this table! Extreme and continuous use of skin lightening, brightening lotions may enhance skin complexion but they leave out the knuckles. This is because the skin on the knuckles requires better treatment and more attention as they are tougher. Product junkies who jump from one product to the other leave their knuckles vulnerable and their skin prone to chemical allergies.

causes of dark knuckles

Layers of Dead skin

We all know that exfoliating gets rid of dead skin that hinders the work of skin care products. In that vein, not exfoliating allows dead skin to stay longer which would form dark patches on your skin and knuckles. Among allย causes of dark knuckles, this is the most avoidable.

It takes conscious effort to take better care of our skin, especially the knuckles. Do you want to know how? Check this out!


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