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CAUTION!: The Truth About Tattoos: These Are All The Diseases Caused By The Toxic Substances In The Ink!

Tattoos in America have been present for more than 20 years, and nowadays they became an obsession for the entire population. If you want to put a tattoo, you are taking a big risk. You will be shocked when you read about the vast number of side effects.

Tattoos contain toxins and they are a health risk!

The ink used for tattooing is produced out of heavy metals. For example, red ink contains mercury, penetrates the skin and remains there permanently. FDA has condemned skin tattooing due to the numerous health risks it entails. According to statistics, there are 36% of people between the age of 18 and 25 who got tattoos, and around 40% of people between 26 and 40. This means that more than 45 million Americans got tattooed with the help of harmful ink.

Most of the tattooing salons use ink which is used as a printing machine color and in the automobile industry. Moreover, ink can cause skin allergies, infection, scars and inflammations. In fact, there are eight cases of malignant melanoma and the possible reason, not yet confirmed however, is the ink. Research conducted by DR Bob Haley and DR Paul at the university in Texas has showed that tattoos are probably number one candidates for causing hepatitis C in people. This study has been published in a medical journal. Moreover, Dr Haley adds that commercial tattoos can cause hepatitis C, even more than once which means that tattoos may probably be the biggest distributers of this disease around the world.


If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, then it is better to avoid tattooing which is harmful for your health. Furthermore, tattoos have been popular for few decades now, and nowadays the demand is even higher. However, the population suffers a lot of health problems precisely because of tattooing. What’s more, tattoo artists use the same needle several times, and if one person is infected with a disease, then the disease easily transfers to another person.


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