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Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary In These 5 Special WaysFashionstyle

Wedding anniversaries are such a beautiful thing to commemorate. It reminds you of all the milestones you’ve crossed together, the good, the bad, the ugly and above all… Why you would choose your partner again and again!

To celebrate your wedding anniversary, It doesn’t have to be so expensive; just extra special. Here are some ideas:

1. Food

You honestly can’t go wrong with eating together. It could be a beautiful candle-light dinner or a full day of eating your favourite foods. For an extra twist, you can recreate the first meal date you had! Let’s hope your partner remembers!

celebrate your wedding anniversary

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2. Couples day out

You can both write a list of the top 3 fun places you want to visit or mischievous things you want to do, and just go and have fun and tick it off your bucket list! Feel like kids again. Please try not to find yourself in the police station!

3. Getaway

Especially when you start having kids and adulting keeps getting in the way… And you’ve forgotten all about romance and taking care of yourselves. This is the one day you’re allowed to misbehave! LOL. So, you can take the weekend off and go to some romantic place and just chill.Don’t forget to get someone to look after the kids oh!

celebrate your wedding anniversary

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4. Gifts

If your wedding anniversary falls on a workday, you can pretend you forgot in the morning and send a thoughtful gift or gifts to your partners office. Different anniversary years have different gifts, so you can get a cue from that. Don’t forget to add a cute little note!

5. Movie

Starting with your wedding video, you can both binge watch romantic movies… Not movie about world war II, Romantic oh! So it can lead to some well deserved love making. *wink,wink*

celebrate your wedding anniversary

(Photo: Onipa)

We hope you enjoy your day as you celebrate your wedding anniversary. Don’t forget to send a message, . are some adorable wedding anniversary messages you can take a cue from.




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