Celebs Speak On Their Expectations For 2016


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2016 Promises to be a fulfilling and adventurous year. The . year was not so good for the entertainment industry. Celebs, Musicians, Actors and Movie Practitioners speak with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM and SAMUEL ABULUDE on their plans and hope for an improved 2016.

Andy Ike

I want to give more to the needy, the widows and orphans; I will be doing more philanthropic jobs now. No more is it all about my lifestyle. My family will always be number one priority apart from the needy

Papa Artiste

My New Year resolution would be to cultivate a deeper appreciation for art and get more creative with it. To work more and talk less and be charitable.

Jesse Bako

My New Year resolution is to stick with those who are on the same page with me, phenomenal people who are confident and secure enough to know that there is room for everyone to make it to the finish line.


Another year of success and happiness has passed. With every New Year comes greater challenges and obstacles in life. I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all the hurdles you face. May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead. My resolution is to love more, show happiness, blessing and pray for more jobs and more money o…

Sonia Ogiri

My New Year resolution is to hold God so closely; to try not to repeat the things I consider as mistakes in 2015; accepting people the way they are; touching lives every minute, every day; not letting people’s negative opinions matter in my life anymore. I also want to be more serious than 2015 be it in work, business activities, service to God, family etc. I want to listen more and talk less

Sani Muazu

The year 2015 was quite a challenging one and surviving it calls for a camel load of deep introspection. The lives of human beings in Nigeria were so cheaply lost that thousands of people had their lives sniffed away from them and nothing happened. It could have happened to me personally. In 2016 therefore, I wish to start a race with life by giving out to the development of people around me as much as I can from now henceforth so that (the memory of) my life will be immortalised on one hand and I am hoping to be rewarded in abundance in the life hereafter. I pray for success. As regard the movie industry and Kannywood, I really hope for the best. Kannywood is Kano-centric and the new government of Kano just appointed Isma’il Afakallah, a practicing producer, to head its censorship board. The government is also opening the rural areas to make new films reach them thereby expanding the film market. 2016 is a promising year for Kannywood.

Fred Mayford

As a movie director, in 2016, I want to shoot movies for the cinemas that would promote our unity in diversity as one Nigeria. Secondly, I want to use my skills to promote up and coming acting talents in the Niger Delta in particular and in Nigeria as a whole. I also plan to do more of international collabos with African countries and Africans in the diaspora who have come to respect the brand called Nollywood. Finally, I will be training actors and the behind-the-camera folks who so desire to get the requisite know-how.

Lancelot Oduwa-Imasuen:

By the first month, Invasion1897 will hit the DVD shelves nationwide, we have also concluded plans for our first movie for the year titled ‘Investment Marriage’, starring a British actress Claire Armanda Edun, Alex Ekubo and possibly Francis Odega. Also, very important is my desire to emerge as the next DGN president in our forth coming election in February, after that is work, production throughout the year. One of the main reasons I am offering myself to serve as the president of DGN is because it’s high time we started thinking of ways to advance the industry forward Collectively, we must find a way to make the industry more attractive to investors. It’s high time we worked out ways to attract viewership for Nollywood movies in the cinemas, from records The returns have been very disappointing, just a pick off the movies that have made serious financial returns. Forget the Red Carpet hype, Nigerians must be encouraged to patronise made in Nigeria films…so at large, this is my wish for the industry.

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Fidelis Duker:

I look at a brighter 2016 for the industry regardless of the gloomy view and perspective from the government. It is important that motion picture practitioners begin to up their ante as the competition gets tougher with different people. Personally, I have three major areas of focus in 2016 year which will include the launch of my new commercial FM radio station in the first quarter, the strengthening of Abuja International Film Festival as a major festival and building capacity and employment through an array of new television and film productions. I see an exciting 2016 where quality and integrity will be the rule of the game. Mediocres will be shown the way out. It must be said that the entertainment sector, like most sectors, didn’t fare well due to the elections that took half of the year but 2016 should be better if we put our acts together even the obvious teething economic challenges.

Abubakar Yaqub

2016 will be a great year insha-Allah. Some of my plans include: First, to be closer to God. Secondly, I want to go into full film production as I have over 20 scripts to be produced. Thirdly, I seek to improve on my film . structures in the middle belt zone and lastly, I will work harder to be more successful.

Abay Esho

Yabatech Film Academy YFA will be my focus next year and this will take the bulk of my time. Of course, there will be a couple of projects running alongside. As regards the movie industry, it is going through a structural process. It will continue and get better in terms of content quality. Distribution has been a major setback. I see an improvement in 2016 and beyond.

Omowunmi Dada:

My plans for 2016 are in phases. I want to be a better me. As regards my profession, acting, I want to put in more international projects, God willing, After collecting my first award at BON, I want to consolidate in 2016, featuring in more movies, drama series and playing in lead roles.

Pat Uwaje-King

Wow! 2016! I want to trust God to do big and greater things. Really, I plan to have more studios round the towns in Nigeria, shoot more videos for my solo album and minister to a greater audience.


May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early!

My own plan is to wear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall!

J Martins

I pray for a better 2016 and want to thank my fans for all the supports they have given me throughout 2015. I promise to continue doing my best especially as it has to do with music. And also expect lots of collaboration from me with top world class act. I want to also thank my family for the support and encouragement.



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