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It doesn’t mean you haven’t met someone you like, there may be an initial attraction between you…just enough to start a fire. But it’s advisable to do an inner soul searching and decide if you are ready to be in a relationship.

Sad woman.

Sad woman


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<p align="justify">Some factors may be restraining you from making any commitment whatsoever, so you should always watch out for the signs and try not ignore them to avoid making mistakes.</p>
<p align="justify">. are some top signs you aren’t ready for a relationship:</p>
<p align="justify"><strong>1. You are not over your ex:</strong> It’s one red flag that you aren’t ready to start a next relationship. You simply cannot use your next partner to get over your ex. You can go all emotional and cry about it but make sure you aren’t hung up on them before starting a relationship with someone else.</p>
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<p align="justify"><strong>2. You are desperate:</strong> This is simply a no-no if you are getting into a relationship for this reason. Desperation brings out the worst in you and may result in you hurting yourself. Contention is a major key to happiness.</p>

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<p align="justify"><strong>3. You have trust issues:</strong> As much as you shouldn’t place your trust in anyone, don’t get into any relationship till you’ve learnt to trust yourself.</p>

Unhappy couple.

Unhappy couple


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<p align="justify"><strong>4. You are not happy:</strong> You can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t make your new partner happy if you happiness doesn’t dwell within you.You can only get the temporary happiness it brings but the rest times you have to learn how feel good by yourself.</p>
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<p align="justify"><strong>5. You love too much drama:</strong> If you love too much attention and unnecessary drama that comes with it, then you really shouldn’t be in a relationship. You should learn to let go of your drama.</p>

Woman looking frustrated in bed.

Woman looking frustrated in bed


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<p align="justify"><strong>6. You are unsure of yourself:</strong> Being unsure is certainly a red flag if you intend getting into a relationship soon. If you have more cons than pros while listing out reasons why you should make official your relationship with someone you like after a few official and unofficial dates, then you should consider taking more time for yourself.</p>
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<p align="justify"><strong>7. Your work-life balance isn’t stable: </strong>You know you haven’t gotten a balance between jobs, you’re still trying to find your feet between your 8 to 5 job and creating quality time for yourself. You might want to take a few steps back away from the dating scene. The person you are starting a relationship with may not understand what are trying to do and this could create a lot of problems for you.</p>
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A woman has posted a selfie taken on a plane in which she claims she was photobombed – by an alien . 

Olesya Podkorytov from  Russia said she took the picture during the flight on a whim but when she posted it on social media friends pointed out something strange a few seats behind. 

The young woman was on a business trip and said she was not sure why she suddenly decided to take a selfie as she said it is not usually something she would do,UK Mirror reports .

She said when she shared the snap online that she was flooded with . alerting her to the “alien”.

She said: 

“I uploaded the picture on my social media page, and then all the questions and . hit me.Only after that I realised there was a bizarre-looking image of a creature behind me.”

She said the figure was “humanoid” and looked like a large alien similar to those in Hollywood films.Some people suggested it is was not an alien – but a ghost.

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