Checkout The Cool Things Couples Who Have s*x All The Time Enyoys


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Are you always wanting to have s*x more often than your partner?

First of all, just because you two aren’t having s*x every day … or week … or even every few weeks … this doesn’t mean that there’s inherently trouble in the relationship. You might just be in a slump. Hey, life gets in the way sometimes. You’re both busy. It’s understandable. With that being said, study after study suggests that more s*x means a more meaningful union between two people.

When you have s*x more often, it ties you together in an intimate way that then extends to other parts of your life. In the relationship, we’re talking:

Less fighting
Less cold shoulder and passive aggressiveness
More kind words and doing nice things for each other
And more support

Individually, having more s*x means:

Better mental health
Less depression
Lower BMI
A more radiant appearance (yes!)

After all, having a partner in life should be adding positivity to your life not making it more stressful. So! In order to get you more in the mood, let’s turn to the experts in this field—AKA, couples who have s*x all the time.

10 Things Couples Who Have s*x Often Do That You Should Too

1. They flirt.

These couples don’t expect to jump in the sack with no setup. Flirting heats things up. They tell each other how fine they look in that [dress, .-down, t-shirt]. Or give a little passing b*tt squeeze.

2. They go on dates.

Again, it’s all about the setup. Dates involve:

Alone time (no kids, no bills, no TV)
Flattering clothes / getting gussied up
Staring into each other’s eyes
And this makes all the difference.

3. They put it on the calendar (and never miss an appointment).

When life gets busy, sexually successful couples set aside scheduled time for love making. This is not cold and calculated like many people assume. It’s smart. As with anything in life, you need to prioritize important items that you want to accomplish … or they’ll never be accomplished. s*x is important.

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4. They start slow.

These couples don’t jump to the main deed when they have s*x. Whether it’s a slow massage or some dirty talk, they know they’re always time for foreplay

5.… or they just do it.

On the other hand, if these couples aren’t exactly in the mood when the scheduled time arrives, they don’t just forget the whole thing. Instead, they go to town. Sometimes, just “getting in position” is all you need to get revved up.

6. They act like 20-somethings.

Let’s look at a relationship between two people in their early 20s. They probably want s*x all the time, and they usually have it all the time.

This often means doing some “unconventional things” like having a quickie against the hallway wall, doing it on the floor, or trying crazy positions in the shower. Do this.

7. They take turns initiating.

Just like taking turns with cooking, cleaning or taking out the trash, you can take turns initiating s*x.

8. They know how to get in the mood.

When they know s*x will feel good but are tempted to just each tacos in front of the TV until bedtime, sexually active couples pull out their secret weapons

These are different for every couple, but they might include: Reading from a dirty novel, giving each other massages, or setting up a nice two-person bubble bath.

9. They know each other’s turn-ons.
Smart couples keep mental logs of their partner’s turn-ons. Maybe your wife goes crazy when you give her that once-over “you’re so sexy” look or when you put a suit and tie on. Maybe your guy loses it when you wear that red dress or lightly scratch his scalp.

10. They talk about it.

Finally, couples who have s*x on a regular basis talk about s*x. They’re not afraid to mention it—yes—even when they’re not in the middle of it.
They bring it up at dinner, when they’re driving in the car, over text message.

And if one of them feels like they’d like to have more s*x, they sure as hell aren’t going to just be silently grumpy about it. They’ll pipe up.


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