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reuse your old jeans

We all love our old jeans. They’ve been with us through thick and thin and we are always reluctant to throw them away. So we keep piling them up! Don’t judge us.

Good news is, you can actually reuse them. You would simply make them serve you better by turning them into other FUNctional styles.

Here’s how.

1. Baggy to slim fit
reuse your old jeans

(Photo: Instagram / Kimberlyskinny)

Baggy jeans were all the rage some years back, however, fitted jeans are now trendy. Get those baggy jeans of yours and slim fit them. Voila, you have a ‘new pair of jeans’.

2. Acid wash jeans
reuse your old jeans

(Photo: Macrame)

Acid wash jeans are very adorable when styled the right way. You can turn you favourite old pair of jeans into a nice old acid wash jeans. All you need is some bleach and a spray bottle. Check out the full tutorial ..

3. Denim Bracelet
reuse your old jeans

(Photo: Popsugar)


reuse your old jeans

(Photo: Morenas Corner)

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For those of you who love to stack up your wrists with bracelets, you can now add a denim bracelet to your collection. Cut off the ends of your old jeans, decorate by drawing patterns, bedazzling or putting floral designs on it. Attach a hook or . and you are good to go. This is one easy and fun way to reuse your old jeans.

4. Throw Pillows
reuse your old jeans

(Photo: DIY Network)

To give your chairs an edgy look, make your throw pillows cases out from your old jeans. Cut off pieces of the jeans and sew as a wrap. You could even leave pockets on them to keep. They are definitely noticeable and creative.

5. IPAD Case
reuse your old jeans

(Photo: CoverBee)

Measure the width and length of your IPAD. Line the intended denim material with thick flannel and sew to form a purse for your IPAD and other valuables.

6. Aprons for Children
reuse your old jeans

(Photo: Youtube/Kidspot)

Children love to experiment with paints and water colours, and consequently not bot.d about the damage it would do to their clothes. Sometimes they just want to help you in the kitchen. A good way of reusing your denim is to make aprons for them to hang on their lovely necks. No more worries about getting stains off their clothes!

Check out the easy DIY video ..

reuse your old jeans

(Photo: . via jrachelle)

Bookworms gather round. A creative way to mark your page: take small pieces from your old jeans and fashion them to eye-catching shapes. Cut off threads and glue two pieces together.

You can also turn your jeans into a cute little denim skirt. Check out how some of your favourite celebrities rocked their denim skirts ..




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