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fringes on dresses

Wearing fringes on dresses came back into the fashion spotlight recently and has since become the snazzy go-to for both Ankara and tailored pieces.

The fringe frenzy caught on and has been used in different forms and shapes to achieve that glam look.

The fringe particularly looks spectacular on Ankara fabrics and lace materials. If you follow up-to-the-minute fashion trends, you’ll see the ways fringes have been incorporated into dresses. Fringe designs have set a new trend for lace, evening gowns, midi dresses and Ankara. If you are planning to turn up for an Owambe and you are bot.d that your fabrics is without frills. Don’t fret. Fringes are still very much all the rage.

See these chic ways you can incorporate fringes into your outfit. Catch the fever!

Fringed Dresses
fringes on dresses

{Source: 234 Star}

You can incorporate fringes into your attire by adding a bit of it to your dress. T. are tons of fringes on dresses styles out t. to pick from. For a subtle look, add the fringes to the hemline of your dress. If you want to go all out and slay, then go for a full fringe look.

Fringed/Tassel Earrings
fringes on dresses

Ozinna Anumudu (Instagram)

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Apart from wearing fringes on dresses, you can wear it as an accessory. Also known as tassel earrings, the fringe earring has been a rave for months now and if you’re looking for a simple way to incorporate fringes into your outfit, this is definitely it! Perfect for casual, corporate and even traditional attires, these fringe earrings come in different designs, colours and styles. You should totally cop one!

Bag It!
fringes on dresses

(Photo: Versace)

If you are a fan of Boho sling bags then this will be a piece of cake for you! The simplest way to accessorize or infuse the fringe frenzy into your outfit is to carry a fringe bag. This Versace fringe bag is the absolute definition of timeless chic!

Belt It Up!
fringes on dresses

(Photo: Instagram/ MoCheddah)

Fringe belts are perfect for bringing a plain outfit to life. The can be worn with skirts, pants, jumpsuits, gowns, shorts…everything. It’s just up to you to decide how stylish you want to be. Although fringe belts are not advisable for corporate events, they are amazing for casual hangouts, a date or a girl’s night out.

Fringed Skirts
fringes on dresses

(Photo: La Passion Voutee)

The one time you are allowed to amp up your work skirt! Yass!  This is a great idea when you are looking to revamp your plain pencil skirt. Fringe skirts automatically sets you apart from other ladies in the room and gives off a stylish and trendy aura.

How do you like to wear your fringes?


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