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Chomzy’s manner of approach is zero, but she’s very attractive – Dotun informs Deji


Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate and reality television star, Dotun has disclosed Chomzy’s characteristics to the fake Housemate Deji.

During a conversation on Monday, August 1, Dotun, who was sitted at the dinning with Deji told him that Chomzy doesn’t have a good manner of approach.

He added that she’s very opinionated, as he had tried to have conversation with her but couldn’t get along with her attitude.


“I’ve tried to like be close off to her. But I don’t like to put it out like that because you may like to give it try. And you’ll likely like to get to know her”, Dotun said.

He continued, “So, you’ve seen it, that she’s very opinionated. That’s a good quality. But sometimes, her manner of approach is always direct. Like, she doesn’t consider other people’s point of view.


“And most times she stays close off almost all the conversations. Like if you ask her for a discussion, she wouldn’t like to discuss anything. And sometimes she’ll say she doesn’t talk too much. Always close off.

“All those things I don’t like it. And I don’t want to get into trouble with that. I just narrowed it out, I don’t want them”.


Dotun added that Chomzy is very attractive but she still has some problem with her manner of approach. He advised Deji to try it out and see what comes out of it.

Deji responded that it’s always advisable not to jump into relationship. It takes time and much conversation.


In the middle of their conversation, Biggie announced that the garden door may now be opened. And as Deji and Dotun moved to the garden, they continued the conversation.

After a while, Chi Chi came out from the main House to the garden. She lay on the couch w. Dotun and Deji were sitted.


As the discussion was on, Chi Chi, who’s the closest person to Chomzy suspected that Deji and Dotun were talking about a girl, but they denied that they were talking about everyone and in the House, not a particular Housemate.

More Housemates, such as Adekunle, Chomzy, Hermes Giddyfia equally came out of the House, before Deji and Dotun ended the conversation.

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