Chris Brown planning to quit drinking for his daughter ‘Royalty’


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Chris Brown is reportedly trying to stop drinking for the sake of his daughter, Royalty.

The pop star vowed to make some major changes in his life the sake of his little daughter, which includes staying off wild parties and drinking to stupor.

A source tells HollywoodLife; “Chris is weening himself off drinking and other stuff he does because he wants to be healthy, have a clear mind, and be a completely conscious and sober parent. He doesn’t want anyone or anything clouding his mind or judgment,”.

The source continued, “He wants to witness every little single thing Royalty does with a clear mind. He wants to fill his mind with sober memories of her doing the smallest things like tying her shoes, being potty trained, you name it. His life and world is now Royalty and everything else that doesn’t serve that he’s cutting out!”

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The singer was also reportedly upped the security at his Los Angles home to make sure no harm or robbery attack comes to his family.

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Sources close to the singer say he’s even begun calling it “Operation Homeland Security” and that mansion of his will be safer and more secure than the White House.

“He’s already given pink slips to several members of his security team and he and his mother are currently interviewing new security members to protect Chris, Royalty and their home 24/7,” says a source.

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