Churchill Give Reasons Why He Won’t Reconsider


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The husband of Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh, Olakunle Churchill has finally spoken out about the twist in his marriage saga.

At a conference where he spoke about unveiling a new Anti-Domestic Violence programme, Mr. Churchill granted a media interview where he debunked allegations of domestic violence levelled against him by his wife.

From his statements, he gave several reasons why his marriage with Tonto Dikeh may never be reconciled. The reasons include as follows:

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1. Allegations of Domestic Violence

Churchill: My partner fights dirty and that’s what she’s put out there. Tonto will say anything to sound believable and gain public sympathy and that’s what she puts out there. It’s not real, I’ve never laid my hands on her ever.

I’m not a violent person and I’m not temperamental, as a matter of fact, I don’t take offence on anything at all, that’s how God made me, people who are close to me knows this, when I’m upset about something I simply avoid the offender and come to terms with the fact that I don’t need such vibes around me.

I met Tonto like 6-months before she took in, so where did the initial 4 months pregnancy come from or did it come after she gave birth to my son?

Because she travelled during her pregnancy and came back when King was 4-month old and we had only stayed together for about 6-months after that before all the issues started, she was still breastfeeding.

And if indeed she had and lost a 4-month pregnancy, that will require for her to do an evacuation, which hospital did it for her and evidence does she have? It was all done to bring down my image and to destroy my reputation.

2. Root of the fight

Churchill: The fight was between her and my mum and it was very dirty. I bought a house for my mum in Lekki and she came over from overseas so we can do a house warming party to launch it and just 24 hours before the housewarming party.

My partner [Tonto Dikeh] got angry over a very flimsy issue and she just started breaking stuff and scattering the house and in the process while my mum was trying to calm her down, she pushed my mum down as well.

I had never seen that in my life, I had to prostrate for my mum to apologise and that was how the house warning party was cancelled because it was just 24-hours to the party and Tonto had destroyed the house, breaking and damaging things.

This happened on December 20th and the following day I packed a few of my things and travelled to Ghana. So I felt she was scared or confused on how to handle it, so she went online and started the stunts by removing Churchill from her name.

And don’t forget, I said this issue happened on December 20th, on the 22nd, she had one of her charity events where she kicked off a road construction work at The Karamajiji Colony Abuja of people living with disabilities on Friday, December 23, 2016, courtesy of the Big Church Foundation pledge at the walk for love event.

She looked all good without any signs of beating or domestic violence which shows it was a false allegation that I laid my hands on her.


3. Media Revenge

Churchill: Some people simply don’t like to loose a battle and because she’s a celebrity, what happened was too heavy for her to bear. She felt if the news got out, it’ll be bad for her so she switched it and once she started to . the victim card.

She had to continue it but it got to a point when she left my house with my son and nanny before I came back to Nigeria and she went on to grant an interview where she accused me of domestic violence and it’s all lies.

There’s nothing like a four month pregnancy or any of the other lies. I was not even in the country when she claimed she ran away from the house because of domestic violence. So it was all planned and she took her time to pack everything because the estate still has the CCTV footage of her moving out with a Sienna and a truck.

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4. First Interviews

Churchill: From that interview with Azuka, she [Tonto Dikeh] showed images of an alleged domestic violence, but she also put on a pendant (with the diamond crown customised with my son’s name which I handed over to her on December 1, 2016.

And in the same picture, she alleged loosing 4-months pregnancy wearing the same cloth and the same pendant. It just doesn’t make sense bearing in mind that the fracas happened at my mum’s home on December 20th so the timelines just don’t match.

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She keeps contradicting herself. Even the picture she showed during the interview was shown on her phone, it wasn’t clear.

I wouldn’t have granted that interview, but the allegations were too much and [also] because of my brand. She called me a murderer, wife beater, claimed I gave her STDs and even said my foundation is a scam and everyone knows we don’t collect money from anyone for the foundation, we only use the 10% profit from Big Church Group to run it, just like paying tithe.

So I had to grant the interview when the Azuka lady from MediaRoom Hub came to me to debunk those allegations but unfortunately, all the evidence I gave to Azuka was never used.

I heard Azuka also went to Ghana to make findings from the embassy and police but she refused to publish all the truth she found out because she has mutual friends with Tonto Dikeh.

God knows I wouldn’t have granted her the interview, but they were the ones who interviewed my partner so I felt it was right I also speak through the same medium with facts.

5. Failed attempts at reconciliation

Churchill: Oh, I’ve tried, but it’s just like seeing danger and you going for it. I tried to get the relationship back so I could help her condition and because of my kid but she doesn’t want peace.

[My son] is the main reason why I was trying to make it work, because she does some things that are not normal at all. And only someone close to her can save her because she needs help. It’s been 7-months now and all she’s been doing is to give me a bad name.

She makes it look like I don’t care about my son. I help other kids, so why will i ignore my son? Since my son got back to the country when he was 4-months, I opened a Zenith bank account for him and his mum is the sole signatory to that account.

I put money in that account regularly. I send money to her own account as well and she won’t even acknowledge the money when she gets it but she goes on saying I don’t take care of my son.

I’ve invited her family over to try and make peace but she’s been deceiving everyone and goes back online to pull her stunts and the truth is King’s passport has been with me since he got back from the states.

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6. Hatred for Mother-in-law

Churchill: The way Tonto operates is this. If she wants to bring you down, she’ll be friends with your enemy, she fights so hard. But the truth is, they [Tonto and his first wife] both had issues with my mum, and I don’t understand why my wife will not respect my mum.

I can’t just get married to you in one year and you are insulting my mum and calling her names, pushing her down. They know I love my mum so much and will do anything for her.

It’s not like you are lacking or suffering as a wife but anytime I do something for my mum, it becomes a problem. I know what that woman has been through, she goes on many days dry fasting for my sake so you don’t expect me to allow her to be disrespected.

7. Custody of their son

Churchill: For my son, I don’t want him to grow up in that kind of environment and I also didn’t want to do anything to hurt her [Tonto Dike]h because she’s the mother of my child.

In real life, I’m easy going, I’m not a trouble maker but the way she paints me as a trouble maker, I should have gone to her house and forcefully take my son or take her to court and start dragging a case, but I’ve not done any of that, I’m letting her take her time because he’s my son and no one can take that away.

Tonto is the kind of person that I can go to her house to see my son and just knocking at her door, she’ll scream domestic violence again. She knows how to manipulate things, so you have to be very careful with that kind of person.

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8. Tonto Dikeh was a mistake

Churchill: Yes it was [a mistake] and I knew it when I was going into it. I knew I was going into danger, but I was ready to go into it to save her, but right now I do not care anymore, I’m done.

I can’t deal with it anymore. I don’t want the relationship anymore. She says I borrowed money from her and I’m like how? Where is the evidence? At least I gave her 10 million naira last Christmas and I have proof of payment, so if she borrowed me money, she should prove it.

All these kind of negativity comes from someone who said she fasted 21 days before she met me, someone who said I brought her closer to God, so where is God in this situation and the way she wants my downfall?


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