Coloured Eyeliners Are The Newest Statement Makers. How Cool!fashionstyle

Run out of places to add that pop you always desire in your makeup? Well, you are in luck! Makeup enthusiasts are putting the black eyeliner to rest and making coloured eyeliners a substitute. You might want to give it a try!

So we are unsure how coloured eyeliners as a trend sprung (who cares though?) It only takes one or two of our favourite blogger or makeup artiste to try it out before it actually becomes a thing in our books. Well, that is manifesting right now because our favourites are turning to their eyelids and waterlines to add a pop of colour to their entire look.

Coloured Eyeliners

Instagram / Whitneymadueke

You know we are always . for a trend that saves us coins. It is the major reason why we are ecstatic about this one. Not only does coloured liners save your money, but it also put your products to more use. (Every lady can relate to tossing out eyeshadow palettes and matte lipsticks just because they are time-barred).

Coloured Eyeliners

Instagram / Fentybeauty

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All you have to do to get it right is add a pop on your lid or your waterline – the choice is yours! Actual liners, matte lip stains and eye-shadow, gel and pencils all work so you have alternatives to work with.

Coloured Eyeliners

Instagram / Jackieaina

Coloured Eyeliners

Instagram / Eki Ogunbor

You absolutely love this trend or you absolutely love it. T.’s no two way about it. We just have to ask; are you taking it in bits or you are taking it on a full range colour splash? Don’t forget to share pictures when you finally try it out!

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