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“Come and fix our roads so we can find love” – Young woman cries out to government

A young lady has cried out to government about the challenges many women like herself are currently facing in Ghana with regards to getting married.


According to Pulse Ghana, the woman said it is difficult to find a man to love her because of how bad the roads linking the communities in her area are.

In an interview that netizens find amusing, the woman said that sometimes, when strangers are coming to her town and get onto their road, they get discouraged from ever returning.


She also decried how the activities of armed robbers in the area depletes men of the re.s they could use to marry people like her.

Because of how bad the road is, robbers keep stealing from the men who would want to marry us. So we are begging the government to come and fix the roads for us to be able to find love,” she added.


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