Common Wedding Planning Issues You Have To Deal With When Your Parents Are Divorced


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When your parents are divorced, it’s a different ballgame of issues to avoid (as if wedding etiquette wasn’t tricky enough, and common wedding planning issues weren’t plenty enough!) Wedding planning already comes with its headaches, rules and regulations, but this case is different.

Here are some common wedding planning issues you might encounter when your parents are divorced, and how to deal.

W. to sit

My parents are divorced and don’t get along so well. How will I figure out who should sit on the high table and who shouldn’t?”

The solution is purely sentimental. You can pick the parent you’re closest to, but if that’s difficult, you can scrap out having a high table.

common wedding planning issues

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Walking down the aisle

I feel closer to my stepdad and I’m wondering how one of them will walk me down the aisle without the other feeling bad?”

This is tough, but to avoid hurting anyone, consider allowing both your fathers walk you down the aisle (if they get along well) If t.’s friction between them, however, your stepfather can walk you halfway down the aisle to your dad, who can then escort you the rest of the way to your groom (or vice versa).

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common wedding planning issues

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Father or mother/daughter dance

“My mum raised me, but my fiance wants to have a mother/son dance. Do I have to dance with my dad to balance it up?”

You’re under no obligation to have a traditional father/daughter dance. You can include both your parents if you want. Start out with Dad, then, halfway through the song, switch to your mom using different songs or vice versa.

common wedding planning issues

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They’re both your parents, and your wedding is a big day for them too.

If you found this article helpful, you should read about tips on bonding with your mother-in-law while planning your wedding.

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