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Complete List Of Lecturers Caught S*xually Harassing Female Students

A complete list of Nigerian lecturers recently caught s*xually harassing female students in various Universities across Nigeria has emerged.
FS News reports that some Nigerian lecturers has been exposed  on social media and other documentary targeted at  West African universities lecturers  harassing their students for s*x in exchange for grades/marks.
S*x-for-grades is one of the endemic problems bedeviling the academic world. So famous is it that no single university in Nigeria can be singled out from the menace. 95% of lecturers across various institutions are guilty of this phenomenon.
Below is the list…
Dr Boniface Igbenuhue (University of Lagos)
A lecturer of the Faculty of Arts in UNILAG, who doubles as the present sub-dean of the faculty and is also pastoring a branch of Four Square Church, Dr Boniface Igbenuhue, was heard in one of the discreetly recorded videos telling an undercover reporter who had disguised as a 17-year-old admission seeker to switch off the light so he could kiss her.
Prof. Richard Akindele (Obafemi Awolowo University)
Professor Richard Akindele was a senior lecturer in the department of Accounting at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), nemesis caught up with him when a recorded audio conversation between him and Monica Osetoba Osagie, a postgraduate student in Business Administration, went viral on social media.
The professor had demanded s*x from Monica five times as the only condition he would upgrade her score from 33% to any percentage she wants.
Dr Olabode Ajoniyi (Osun State University)
Dr Olabode Ajoniyi was a senior lecturer at the Osun state university, Department of Languages and Linguistics.
Ajoniyi was also caught on video having s*x in a hotel room with one of his female students identified as Mercy Ikwue.
The case involving Ajoniyi is still under investigations
Dr Olaleye Aduwo ( Ekiti State University, EKSU)
Dr. Olaleye Aduwo, a lecturer at the Ekiti State University, was also alleged to have been involved in sex-for-grades scandal after a 29-second video that went viral
Aduwo was accused of attempting to have sex with one of his students for mark.
During the process, the lecturer was tortured and harassed by people who had been hinted by the lady.
Dr. Sunkanmi Odubunmi (Lagos State University)
An Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, Dr. Sunkanmi Odubunmi, was allegedly caught sexually assaulting an unidentified female undergraduate of his department.
After a detailed inquiry by the school disciplinary committee, the affected staff involved in the scandal namely Dr Sunkanmi Odubunmi, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Dr Ajani Ogunwande, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry were sacked by the school’s management.


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